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Essure compensation claims


Thousands of women are coming forward to make Essure compensation claims after suffering severe complications after having the Essure implant fitted.

Many women who have had Essure implants fitted have had to undergo further complex surgeries and treatments to remove the device. This has caused further pain, suffering and loss that could have otherwise been avoided.

An estimated 100,000 women in the UK are understood to have had the Essure implant fitted. This means that thousands of women could have suffered serious and intense complications as a result of a possible medical negligence incident. We are here to help you fight to get the justice you deserve by taking forward Essure compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis for eligible clients.

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Pelvic Mesh Compensation Claims

hernia mesh compensation claims

We, the Medical Negligence Lawyers, specialise in medical negligence claims, and this includes pelvic mesh compensation claims.

This is about a specific type of surgical mesh that is used to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), of which the use of the mesh has resulted in multiple concerns raised about its long-term effectiveness in the UK and, indeed, around the world

If you have had pelvic mesh surgery to treat problems like pelvic organ prolapse, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim with us. The Medical Negligence Lawyers are experts in the complex field of medical law and have years of experience helping victims claim millions of pounds in damages for these kinds of issues. We have helped victims who have suffered from the use transvaginal mesh or transvaginal tape as well as for a range of other medical product cases.

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Pelvic mesh inquiry shows patients let down

pelvic mesh inquiry

The results of the recently published report that follows a huge pelvic mesh inquiry in the UK has revealed worrying details about some patients being let down.

As a specialist medical negligence law firm, we have been representing clients for vaginal mesh compensation claims for years. These cases are some of the most severe there can be as patients can be left with permanent damage and lifelong suffering. In some cases, the pain and problems can turn the victim’s life upside down.

The results of the pelvic mesh inquiry may come as some form of closure for women who may have been let down by the healthcare system and the manufacturers. In terms of what can be done about it, a claim for personal injury compensation can be the way to achieve some form of justice for what you have to endure.

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Worrying revelations from Ian Paterson inquiry

The revelations from the recently published report following the Ian Paterson inquiry has revealed that more than 1,000 patients suffered needless operations.

The report also recommends that perhaps all 11,000 of his patients are recalled to identify if the number of victims is greater. The report has also criticised the NHS and the hospitals he has worked at, citing that there was a “culture of avoidance and denial” and “wilful blindness”  to his actions.

As specialist medical negligence lawyers, we often see the horrors patients go through when something goes wrong. But this is a very different case that involves a rogue surgeon who has deliberately harmed and violated the patients he was charged with caring for.

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Vaginal mesh scandal: what you can do

hernia mesh compensation claims

If you’re one of the victims of the ongoing vaginal mesh scandal, and you’ve yet to make a claim for medical negligence compensation, we can help.

We’re representing victims who are claiming with us on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we have been doing so for a number of years. We won’t lie: these claims can be incredibly difficult to pursue. But with our specialist help and proven expertise, we can give you a good  chance of justice.

Here’s a little advice about your rights if you have suffered – or are left suffering for the rest of your life – due to pelvic mesh problems.

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Stryker recall over elbow implant problems

patient in hospital bed

A medical device alert was issued in February this year. It stemmed from the Stryker recall where some patients could suffer with elbow implant problems.

We’re no strangers to helping people claim personal injury compensation when a medical implant goes wrong. Our lawyers are engaged in dozens of group and multi-party actions, some of which include medical implants that have left patients suffering with complications. In some cases, the need for revision surgery is bad enough, but the additional complications that can arise can also be severe too.

If you’re suffering with elbow implant problems, you should seek urgent medical attention. The problems could be related to an issue like the Stryker recall. Either way, our lawyers may be able to help you make a claim.

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New vaginal mesh guidelines criticised

pelvic mesh inquiry

The new vaginal mesh guidelines that have been put in place following last year’s widespread pause in the NHS have come under heavy criticism already.

All we can say is that we know just how bad it can be for the women whose vaginal mesh procedures fail. We see the impact it has on people when lives can be turned upside down, with complications leaving some women unable to walk or work ever again. We act for women who have suffered horrendous problems, and some complications simply cannot be resolved.

The 2018 NHS pause was a step in the right direction, but the continued use of mesh slings and tapes remains a serious concern.

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Sinister reasons for valsartan side effects?

drugs issues

Like all drugs, there can be inherent complications. However, there could be more sinister reasons behind certain valsartan side effects people may suffer from.

There’s been a huge Europe-wide recall of the blood pressure drug last year, which we covered last year. This stems from a potential contamination issue in the manufacturing process. As a result, valsartan that’s supplied by Actavis Group PTC (now Accord) and Dexcel Pharma Ltd is now subject to a recall.

The potential contamination issue could be incredibly serous for anyone that’s affected by it. In America, there are already class actions and group cases for people who have taken the drug. Our lawyers want to hear from anyone in the UK who has suffered problems.

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Bard mesh recall (TVT claims)

device recall

The Bard mesh recall has not only come into immediate effect, it also comes with the company ceasing production in the European market as well.

C.R. Bard (Becton, Dickinson and Company (BD)) say they’re stopping production of their mesh devices that have been used to treat POP (pelvic organ prolapse) and SUI (stress urinary incontinence).

Announced this month, the recall has been triggered with immediate effect, and healthcare organisations are being directed to take action right away.

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Advice for TVT mesh claims

medical advice nursing negligence claims

We’ve recently been accepting more TVT mesh claims for personal injury compensation. If you have yet to make a vaginal mesh claim, we recommend you speak to us as soon as possible.

We can give you some general guidance in this article. That includes when we may be able to help you and why time may be of the essence. With TVT mesh complications leaving some women with permanent and catastrophic problems, getting the right legal representation is incredibly important.

Make sure you act as soon as you can and don’t suffer in silence.

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Compensation claims for hernia mesh problems

If you’re suffering with hernia mesh problems, you may be able to make a claim for personal injury compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We’ve taken on a number of claims recently given the news that the number of people suffering problems can be as high as 30%. As a firm of lawyers who are also involved in vaginal mesh litigation, we know how troublesome these kinds of medical devices can be.

The important thing to know is that you should never suffer in silence if you’re suffering with hernia mesh complications. We may be able to help you, and you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation.

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Key info about making a transvaginal mesh claim


We wanted to put out some key information for those thinking about making a transvaginal mesh claim for compensation where action has yet to be launched.

We know that the thought of legal proceedings can be scary. The thought of having to instruct a law firm can be worrying.

Can you claim? Will you win? Is it really No Win, No Fee?

To put your mind at ease, this article is designed to cover some key information about what you need to do and what you need to know. It’s important to consider your options sooner rather than later because of the multiple deadlines that can occur in cases like this.

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