Our genuine No Win, No Fee agreement

"To us, it doesn't matter that medical negligence is a complex area of law. We believe in access to justice for all, which is why we offer a no win, no fee guarantee that really does remove the risk of paying fees if the case is lost."

We offer a No Win, No Fee guarantee because we do not think it would be fair if you had to pay legal fees if you lose the case. We wouldn't have it any other way!

We can’t win them all, and medical negligence can be a very complex area of law. This means that it can be difficult to accurately assess the likelihood of being successful from the start. Despite this, even when we are in a time when the government have continually reformed the rules, and have systematically reduced access to justice, we still guarantee to protect our clients.

There are firms out there who will charge you – especially for medical negligence case because they are inherently complex in nature. But we are not like the rest…

Our Genuine No Win, No Fee Guarantee

It’s simple – as long as you comply with the reasonable terms and conditions of our agreement, we are more than happy to waive our legal fees if the claim is not successful.

We always back up our promises in writing. Our Genuine No Win, No Fee is written in to our agreement so you know exactly where you stand. We have specifically tailored our agreements with clients to offer them the best protection possible.

It really does do what it says on the tin!

Why we offer a No Win, No Fee

We only offer it where we are confident that we can succeed with a case. It is, of course, a huge risk to us – but it’s one we are prepared to take to make sure you that have access to the justice you deserve.

Is there really no charge? Are there any catches?

There are no catches at all. We really do offer a risk free agreement.

Other firms can, and will, charge clients. We have absolutely no interest in charging you if the case has lost because the claim is unable to succeed in law. That’s the risk we take, and that’s what we willingly accept when we agree to help you.

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