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You could be eligible to pursue a pelvic mesh compensation claim with our specialist team of Medical Negligence Lawyers now on a No Win, No Fee basis.

We provide free, no-obligation claims assessments where we can determine if your case is one that we can pursue for you on this basis. If we can pursue the claim for you, you can benefit from our expertise as a leading firm of injury compensation specialists.

If you know that you need to speak to us now, please do not hesitate to contact the team for free, no-obligation advice here.

How we can help

You could be eligible to pursue a pelvic mesh compensation claim with our expert team of Medical Negligence Solicitors if you have been affected by vaginal implant issues.

If you have suffered any form of injury, pain or complications arising from the original surgery, or from any revision procedures or treatment that has had to be carried out, you may have a claim. If we can establish that your pain, suffering and loss of amenity is the result of negligence, that is when you could be entitled to pursue compensation.

You may have suffered as a result of negligence from not being given adequate advice and information about the potential risks of the procedure that you were undertaking. Or, if the skill of the surgeon and the team helping you both prior to, and after, the surgery has caused a problem then this can also be another reason to establish negligence. You may also be the victim of a simple mistake during the surgical process which can also be another reason to claim. Another common reason where negligence may have occurred could be the result of the implants being defective or unsuitable for you.

Any negligent advice that you have been given could mean that you were not in the position to provide adequate consent for this very invasive and potentially dangerous procedure. The pelvic mesh scandal issues have been going on for a significant period of time now, with thousands of women worldwide suffering serious complications. Given that women can be left with permanent and lifelong problems as a result of vaginal mesh issues, it is absolutely important that any victim of negligence is entitled to claim compensation. We can use a combination of our expert legal representation and independent medical evidence to support your claim for negligence.

Start your pelvic mesh compensation claim now

It is easy to start your pelvic mesh compensation claim with our expert team of Clinical Negligence Solicitors. We can speak to you to have a free, no-obligation conversation about what has happened on an entirely confidential basis. We can then assess what happened based on the information and any evidence that you provided to us, and we can confirm at that point if this case is something that we could pursue for you.

We do need to carefully risk assess claims to make sure that your case is one that we can take forward for you. We will need to have an in-depth discussion and ask you to provide us with a lot of information. You may also be required to provide us with certain documentation and evidence to assist as well. This is all for your benefit as part of our free assessment to confirm whether we can help you or not.

No Win, No Fee legal representation

You can be eligible to pursue your pelvic mesh compensation claim with us on a No Win No Fee basis. This can ensure that you are entitled to fair access to access to justice, and can simply mean that we can waive all legal fees if the claim is not successful. All you need to do is comply with the reasonable terms and conditions of the agreement in place.

Find out if you are eligible for No Win, No Fee legal representation here now.

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