Eye injury compensation claims

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The Medical Negligence Lawyers can fight for your right to win eye injury compensation if you have suffered this kind of injury as a result of a clinical problem.

Given that eye injury claims can be some of the most serious that we represent people for, it is absolutely essential to make sure that you instruct specialist lawyers. We can offer a specialist service, and you may be eligible to benefit from No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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Claiming eye injury compensation

It can be incredibly important to pursue a claim for eye injury compensation if you have suffered due to medical negligence that has resulted in this type of injury. The damage that can be done can be substantial, difficult to resolve and could lead to serious and lifelong problems.

It goes without saying that our eyes are one of the most important senses that we have. Given how much of an impact an injury to the eye can have, compensation amounts for this type of case can be substantial. We may need to account for limitations to your sight and how this can impact your everyday life. We may need to consider how this can restrict you in your employment, and whether this could impede you from being able to engage in certain types of work.

In a serious eye injury legal case, you may be restricted from being able to work in the industry you had before. This could entitle you to claim Special Damages to cover losses and expenses, and this can include a substantial loss of earnings claim, where this is applicable.

As Specialist Medical Negligence Lawyers, we will leave no stone unturned as we look to recover the maximum compensation we can for you to ensure that you achieve the justice that you deserve.

Problems with devices, medication and eye drops

Some eye injury compensation claims can arise from issues in relation to surgical devices or medication problems, including problems with eye drops. This could arise from mistakes in relation to surgery, treatment or incorrect advice.

Sometimes, it could be an issue with eye drops themselves. There was a recent Class 2 Medicines Recall published by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) relating to specific batches of “Olopatadine USV 1mg/ml Eye Drops, Solution, EL(22)A/17”. This was listed as a precautionary recall being conducted by USV UK Limited.

The potential issue is understood to arise from affected batches potentially containing “impurities”, a matter that is understood to have been identified as part of routine stability testing. An investigation is ongoing in relation to how this has happened, and the advice is that affected batches should not be used and stock should be quarantined.

There is nothing to suggest that anyone could be injured or harmed due to this particular recall. But, sometimes, certain problems can be identified that can cause people to be at risk of harm, which is where we can assist if required.

No Win, No Fee medical negligence claims

You could be eligible to pursue an eye injury compensation claim on a No Win, No Fee basis if you have suffered and wish to seek justice for what has happened. If we consider that there is a case to make, we can work for you on the basis that we can write off our legal fees if the case does not succeed. All you need to do is comply with the agreed terms and conditions in place.

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