Compensation for medication problems

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Patients can be eligible to claim compensation for medication problems, and our expert team of medical negligence lawyers may be able to represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

There can be many ways in which medication can become a problem: from the incorrect drugs being provided, to the incorrect diagnosis leading to issues not being resolved. There can also be problems that stem from the medication products themselves, which can be related to contaminated batches, to the incorrect contents or erroneous instructions being provided.

If you have suffered due to problems with medication, and the issues have arisen from negligence, that is when we may be able to represent you for a compensation claim.

Administering and advice errors

One of the common reasons that a person may need to claim compensation for medication issues is where there has been an error in relation to the administering of the drug, or where advice is incorrect.

For example, you may be given too little or too much of a medication needed to actually help you, or you may be given the incorrect medication. This could cause your symptoms to not resolve or even worsen, and this is something that you could be eligible to claim damages for.

The same can go for the incorrect advice being given as this may also lead to prolonged suffering or worsening symptoms. This can especially be the case where symptoms develop so badly that problems take longer to resolve or where people are then left with permanent complications.

Of course, given that most medications come with possible risks and side-effects, you could find yourself needlessly suffering when the incorrect medicine or advice is given anyway.

Recalls and product problems

It can also be possible to claim compensation for medication issues where the cause of the problems actually lies in the manufacturing and supply of the drugs.

A range of things can happen, and the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) often publicises about recalls, sometimes for precautionary measures, when issues have come to light.

Two recent examples of MHRA Class 4 Medicines Defect Information notices involved Ibuprofen from Flamingo Pharma UK Ltd, and Piperacillin / Tazobactam 4g/0.5g powdered solution from Antibiotice SA. In the Ibuprofen case, the error reportedly related to illegible batch numbers on some of the cartons which could pose a traceability risk in the event of future problems. For the Piperacillin / Tazobactam, the issue is understood to have been in relation to an error in the cartons in respect of the wrong sodium content being presented.

Whilst neither of these may cause any issues at all, they serve as examples of simple errors that could cause greater problems. In many cases, the incidents where there are real risks are in relation to contaminants being detected in medicines, or the incorrect information that could lead to an administering or dosage problem.

Claiming compensation for medication problems

You can speak to the team here now for free, no-obligation advice about claiming compensation for medication problems. We can discuss the potential case on a confidential basis, and we can normally let you know quickly if it is a matter that our lawyers can take forward for you.

For eligible clients, we are also proud to be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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