Claiming medical negligence for eye injuries

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You could be eligible to claim compensation by way of a legal case for medical negligence for eye injuries if you have suffered any damage to this vital sensory organ.

Eye injuries can be some of the most severe that we represent people for given the impact that an eye injury can have on the victim. Sight loss can completely change the life of an injured person, even if it is loss in one eye or even partial loss of vision in one or both eyes. It will have an impact, from going about your everyday lives to how you are able to operate at work. This is why it is important to access specialist legal help for an injury of this nature, and we can offer just that.

Claiming medical negligence for eye injuries

Pursuing a claim for medical negligence for eye injuries can be a difficult process. Clinical negligence claims are a niche and complex area of law, and there can be a fine line between what is negligence and what is an inherent risk or simply an unavoidable event.

Eyes are complex organs, and a lot could go wrong with them. To succeed with a legal case, we need to prove that you have been the victim of negligence, which usually means using our expert knowledge of the law and the medical expertise of a consultant to establish the negligence. These claims are often defended, but where we consider that there are prospects of success, we are happy to provide No Win, No Fee legal representation.

Injuries from contaminated or defective products

At the start of this year there was an example of how medical negligence for eye injuries could potentially arise. The issue actually stems from a recall that has been published by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) in respect of eye drops from SANTEN Oy, trading as Santen UK Limited.

According to the MHRA report, the precautionary recall has been initiated due to the identification of particles/crystals in one of the active ingredients. This reminds us of the Oculentis matters where we are representing people claiming compensation as a result of allegations of problems with implants leading to serious eye injuries.

We do not yet know the extent of whether anyone could suffer in relation to the examples above. But broadly speaking, in the case of a medical product or implant that causes injuries due to contamination, anyone affected by such issues could be entitled to claim compensation. A legal case could be directed against a manufacturer or a supplier of a product if we can establish that negligence has occurred. A case to claim for medical negligence for eye injuries could be pursued against a doctor or healthcare professional if it is their fault that you have come into contact with contaminated or defective products.

It is all about establishing where the negligence has arisen from. If that negligence has then caused injuries and suffering, that is when we may be able to represent an injured victim for a legal case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Expert advice: no-obligation

Our friendly team is on hand to offer you free, no-obligation advice if you have suffered as a result of a medical negligence incident. For qualifying clients, we are happy to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation as part of our commitment to access to justice.

You can contact the team here now for confidential advice about your options.

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