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Claiming compensation for a prescription error


You can be entitled to make a claim for personal injury compensation that’s caused by a prescription error, and we can offer No Win, No Fee representation for this type of legal case.

In some cases, an error could lead to serious problems and complications for patients, and this needs to be recognised. Whether it’s an error that’s caused by a doctor, a healthcare professional, from a misdiagnosis or from the dispensary itself, we may be able to help you.

Here’s some guidance about when you may have a case, what you could claim for, and how to get free advice from our expert team.

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Xarelto compensation settlements for 25,000 cases


Rivaroxaban / Xarelto compensation settlements have landed in the U.S.,  to the tune of $775m for around 25,000 cases being pursued.

The money is to be paid out by both Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson as the co-creators of the drug. They strenuously deny any wrongdoing, and maintain that the drug is safe for use. However, the settlements have been agreed without any admission of liability.

The blood-thinning medication that’s used for stroke patients has been at the centre of concerns for quite some time. We’re representing patients who have suffered side-effects from using the drug as part of claims for personal injury compensation. Although the settlement is for the U.S. only, this is a positive step in the global fight for justice.

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Sinister reasons for valsartan side effects?

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Like all drugs, there can be inherent complications. However, there could be more sinister reasons behind certain valsartan side effects people may suffer from.

There’s been a huge Europe-wide recall of the blood pressure drug last year, which we covered last year. This stems from a potential contamination issue in the manufacturing process. As a result, valsartan that’s supplied by Actavis Group PTC (now Accord) and Dexcel Pharma Ltd is now subject to a recall.

The potential contamination issue could be incredibly serous for anyone that’s affected by it. In America, there are already class actions and group cases for people who have taken the drug. Our lawyers want to hear from anyone in the UK who has suffered problems.

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Free prescription changes announced


In a bid to save some £265m a year, there are set to be free prescription changes to stamp out abuse of the system.

The aim of the changes are to tackle fraudulent free prescriptions that could be wasting millions in valuable resources. From patients not entitled to free prescriptions, to some pharmacists and dentists receiving payments for phantom procedures, it’s an issue that needs resolving.

As the NHS continues to struggle with underfunding, a lack of resources and staff shortages, we can’t have any avoidable waste in the system.

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Conspiracies and closing ranks in the Gosport Hospital deaths scandal

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A former health minster spoke out recently over conspiracies and closing ranks in the tragic Gosport Hospital deaths scandal.

Former health minister Normal Lamb spoke about the “systematic failures” and NHS “closing ranks” over the tragedy, as well as a “conspiracy to cover this up”. He suggested that both the NHS and Whitehall had refused to face up to the reality of the tragedy which has led to potentially hundreds of premature deaths.

The evidence in the investigations has found what appear to be clear opportunities to have avoided potentially hundreds of deaths. How were these opportunities missed?

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Concerns over staggering numbers of children prescribed antidepressants


There’s a real concern over the staggering numbers of children prescribed antidepressants in the UK as use of the drug continues to increase.

It’s understood that the number of children prescribed antidepressants is now at more than 70,000. Of this figure, some 2,000 are understood to be children of primary school age.

We’re already in an era where doctors are thought to be overprescribing medication. A great deal of this has been linked to funding constraints. The result is that more people are using medication when alternative treatment could help them more. On top of that, some people are becoming addicted to medication. In the case of children, what about the long-term effects of drug use as well?

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Recall in relation to valsartan cancer risk

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There’s been a recall during the summer over valsartan cancer risks that have been identified. A recall has been triggered by regulators.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has been involved in the recall process. The recall has been triggered over impurities originating from the manufacturing process in China. The impurities are understood to be linked to cancer.

Patients using heart medications that contain valsartan are being asked to speak to their doctor or pharmacist ASAP.

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GP prescription problems could lead to deaths


Worsening NHS budget issues resulting in GP prescription problems could lead to deaths for those who rely on medication to survive.

There appears to be increasing numbers of stories about patients who are being denied the prescription drugs they need to stay well or even keep alive as a result of budget constraints, or cases where patients are having to wait longer or visit their surgery more frequently as numbers of drugs issued are reduced.

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Patients puts off as GPs being paid to prescribe statins

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Patients are being put off amidst concerns over GPs being paid to prescribe statins. The potentially life-saving medication that can lower cholesterol to avoid heart attacks and strokes is often scrutinised by patients over financial incentives GPs reportedly receive for handing them out.

There’s apparently a widely-held belief among Brits that the statins they’re given aren’t needed because of GPs being paid to prescribe statins.

Is this just a case of mistrust over GPs being paid to prescribe statins, or should patients be worried about what they’re GPs are telling them to do?

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Gosport Hospital Deaths tragedy

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The Gosport Hospital deaths scandal is an absolute tragedy. The independent inquiry that families have been calling for for decades has finally taken place, and the outcome is disturbing.

According to the independent report, some 450 Gosport Hospital deaths could have been avoided and have been directly linked to dangerous opioid-use policies where patients were subjected to constant dosages of diamorphine; also known as heroine.

Dr Jane Barton, a GP who worked at Gosport Hospital for 12 years, was found to have routinely overprescribed dangerous and life-shortening opioids to patients which has led to potentially hundreds of premature deaths.

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Advice on No Win, No Fee claims for NHS drug errors

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NHS drug errors can leave patients suffering serious harm, and they can also cause fatalities. Even the smallest error with a dosage or a prescription could be the difference between life and death for some, which is why the government are aiming to drastically reduce what they have labelled as “appalling levels of harm and death” related to drug errors.

We advise and represent patients who have suffered harm because of NHS drug errors. From incorrect prescription dosage claims to clients being prescribed the wrong course of treatment… If you’ve suffered harm due to an NHS drug error, you may have a claim for medical negligence.
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Scientists say anti-depressants work, and more people should be offered them

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A recent study published by Lancet says that anti-depressants work, and its believed more than a million extra people should be offered them.

Results from the studies found that all common anti-depressants were more effective than the placebos offered.

There is, however, a reported reluctance to prescribe them, and many people feel that taking pills for low mood problems are a last resort. Will the new studies serve to allay doctors’ concerns about over-prescribing medication?
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