Month: December 2018

Can you claim for organ removal?

Can you claim for organ removal if the procedure was done by accident, or where the organ was removed due to a surgical error?

You can claim for claim for organ removal where there’s medical negligence involved. Although it’s rare, it can happen. There have been incidents where organs have been mistaken for tumours, or where they’re removed due to incidental damage during a procedure.

Surgery comes with inherent risks. That being said, patients should not expect to suffer as a result of an error by a medical professional.

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NHS staff shortages putting patients in danger

The prospect of increasing NHS staff shortages faced in England could put patients in danger and lead to increased cases of medical negligence.

The BMJ recently warned that there could be NHS staff shortages approaching the quarter of a million mark by 2030. The NHS has been warned by a range of leading experts that they need to improve staff recruitment and retention, or face worsening staff shortages.

A paper says that shortages in England could increase from the current figure of 100,000 to a staggering 250,000 in the next 12 years. The inability to attract and retain skilled employees from abroad could make this figure even worse.

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Is breast surgery dangerous?


Is breast surgery dangerous? As the cosmetic surgery industry continues to grow in popularity, it’s a common question that’s asked.

We’re not doctors or surgeons ourselves, so we can only talk about the dangers we see as lawyers. We’ve helped a lot of people claim compensation for breast surgery claims. In fact, we’ve recovered over £1.3m so far in claims for breast surgery cases alone.

We know the dangers in terms of a legal action for compensation. If you have been the victim of negligent breast surgery, that’s where we can step in.

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Free prescription changes announced


In a bid to save some £265m a year, there are set to be free prescription changes to stamp out abuse of the system.

The aim of the changes are to tackle fraudulent free prescriptions that could be wasting millions in valuable resources. From patients not entitled to free prescriptions, to some pharmacists and dentists receiving payments for phantom procedures, it’s an issue that needs resolving.

As the NHS continues to struggle with underfunding, a lack of resources and staff shortages, we can’t have any avoidable waste in the system.

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