Can you claim for organ removal?

Can you claim for organ removal if the procedure was done by accident, or where the organ was removed due to a surgical error?

You can claim for claim for organ removal where there’s medical negligence involved. Although it’s rare, it can happen. There have been incidents where organs have been mistaken for tumours, or where they’re removed due to incidental damage during a procedure.

Surgery comes with inherent risks. That being said, patients should not expect to suffer as a result of an error by a medical professional.

Claim for organ removal conducted in error

You can claim for organ removal that occurs by mistake.

Although very rare, there have been instances where organs have been accidentally removed due the surgeon thinking the organ was a tumour. In fact, there was a recent case of it in America where a surgeon removed a pelvic kidney thinking it was a cancerous tumour. That incident was completely avoidable.

The other kind of case we have seen is the accidental removal of the wrong organ. Again, although are, it can happen. We have two kidneys, and removing the wrong one can be disastrous.

There are strict processes and procedures NHS staff have to go through to ensure the wrong organ isn’t removed. It can still happen, though. Where it does, patients can claim for medical negligence compensation.

Claim for organ removal caused by surgical mistakes

You can also claim for organ removal caused as a result of surgical mistakes.

Many invasive surgical procedures do come with inherent risks where organs can sustain damage. However, if an organ is damaged beyond repair by an error, there can be a claim for medical negligence.

It all comes down to the risk of the procedure involved.

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