Medical Negligence for cancer waiting times


Medical negligence for cancer waiting times could be set to rise with news of worsening problems for patients waiting for treatment.

Figures from last year revealed some disturbing facts about the issues for cancer waiting times for the NHS in England. Although this isn’t a blight on the incredibly hardworking staff who are fighting an uphill battle against a lack of staff and resources, patients are at risk of harm.

It’s important to recognise the risks faced by patients. Increased risks ultimately mean the likelihood for the need for medical negligence claims rising. When it comes to a matter a serious as cancer, something needs to be done.

Worrying 2018 figures for cancer waiting times

There were some worrying figures revealed in 2018 over the state of cancer waiting times in England.

They reportedly hit a point where they were the lowest, or the joint-lowest, on record; i.e. since records ever began. More than three-quarters of patients were said to be waiting longer than the standard waiting periods. Not only is this potentially putting patients at risk, it also isn’t helping the anxieties the patients and the families must endure as well.

Experts talked about these facts and figures ringing alarm bells. The same can be said for us: this is a huge concern.

Some cancer departments faced shut-downs over a lack of specialist staff as well. It seems clear to us that the government must do more to ensure there are proper resources available to stop this deadly disease.

Clinical negligence for cancer waiting times

You can claim clinical negligence compensation for cancer waiting times. If the waiting time is so bad that complications develop – including fatal complications – people deserve justice.

A legal case for negligent cancer waiting times may be the only form of justice a victim and their family can ever have. In an ideal world, we could avoid the need for compensation claims by having safe levels of cancer waiting times and by properly protecting patients. Where this doesn’t happen, people need to know they’re not alone.

We can only hope that the government steps-up and does the right thing when it comes to funding for the NHS.

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