Free prescription changes announced


In a bid to save some £265m a year, there are set to be free prescription changes to stamp out abuse of the system.

The aim of the changes are to tackle fraudulent free prescriptions that could be wasting millions in valuable resources. From patients not entitled to free prescriptions, to some pharmacists and dentists receiving payments for phantom procedures, it’s an issue that needs resolving.

As the NHS continues to struggle with underfunding, a lack of resources and staff shortages, we can’t have any avoidable waste in the system.

New free prescription changes to tackle wastage

The new free prescription changes are set to be trialled in England next year, with the aim of cutting out fraud and wastage.

It’s thought that millions could be saved with the use of a new digitalised service that will be able to check patients for eligibility.

As long as this new system is safe and secure, it should hopefully reduce the costs of free prescriptions that are unwarranted.

Free prescription changes to stop “rouge” healthcare professionals

The free prescription changes should also stamp out “rouge” healthcare professionals. These can include pharmacists or dentists who may reportedly be claiming expenses for medication that’s never needed.

It’s worrying to think that there may be some healthcare professionals out there who are prepared to cheat the system. That’s valuable tax money for the NHS being squandered for profit!

In a statement about the free prescription changes, the government said:

“The message is clear: the NHS is no longer an easy target and if you try to steal from it you will face the consequences.

“The new technology and analysis, combined with intel and experience of counter-fraud specialists will form the starting point of this new fight against NHS fraudsters.”

Free prescription changes must remain safe!

The free prescriptions changes must ensure that patient safety is the top priority, of course. The intentions of the scheme to be piloted are honourable, but we cannot have innocent patients being unable to afford – or denied – vital medication either.

We know too well how these things can go wrong. One simple IT error could see cancer screening letters not being sent out, as we saw earlier this year.

The system must work to keep people safe!

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