Poor systems lead to medical negligence cases

NHS technology

Poor systems can lead to instances of medical negligence cases. With the NHS still in the midst of funding problems, they’re being left behind.

Technology is great. It has helped industries to become far more efficient, and this includes the NHS. However, the continual funding “crisis” as some have labelled it is starting to cause problems. As a result of a lack of funding and investment, the NHS is getting left behind. Their systems and technology is outdated, and this is causing problems.

Ultimately, there’s a risk of medical negligence cases that arise out of the lack of up-to-date systems and tech.

How can outdated systems increase medical negligence cases?

Outdated systems can increase medical negligence cases because they may be not as good, and can be more vulnerable to problems.

Last year’s WannaCry cyber attack was a perfect example. The ransomware at the heart of the attack targeted outdated systems that could be broken into. Whereas newer and updated systems can be harder to penetrate, older ones can be left behind. This can be both down to the core technology itself, and the fact that security patches and updates usually stop for older systems and tech.

The WannaCry attack caused serious problems with the health service. Outdated systems are a clear and obvious risk.

How can older technology lead to more medical negligence cases

Older technology can also lead to more instances of medical negligence cases.

A recent article found that a number of machines being used by the NHS were way past their use-by date. This can increase the chances of errors and the need for repairs; putting potentially lifesaving equipment out of action.

It can also be less efficient. No one is questioning our hardworking staff here, but there’s already huge issues with under-staffing right now. Better tech can mean greater efficiency and ease the burden of needing fill the gaps.

The use of apps and mobile technology could be a great area to develop.

Where do medical negligence cases come in?

Medical negligence cases come in where there’s the opportunity to avoid needless suffering and complications.

With proper funding and support, the NHS could stamp out a huge number of medical negligence cases. When people suffer, they have the right to legal redress, which is where we come in.

The government must step-up and increase funding and support for our valuable healthcare system now.

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