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The controversy surrounding this issue is why pelvic mesh claims have been ongoing for several years, and there has yet to be any concrete ban on the use of the implants. Any action from the government has been limited for those affected by the harmful complications. However, those affected by the adverse consequences of mesh implants may be able to make pelvic mesh claims on the basis of medical negligence, and we can help.

The potential complications are now public knowledge following revealing patient testimonies and a damning independent medical products review. However, many women were kept in the dark about the risks associated with the implants when they agreed to undergo surgery in the first place, and this is an element that we can look at.

If you are one of many patients who has been unfairly put at risk as a result of pelvic mesh implants, you may be able to claim compensation for the harm caused to you. We know how debilitating and life-changing the implants can be, which is why we want to ensure that all victims have a chance to seek the justice that they deserve.

The complications of mesh implants

Designed to help women suffering from pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence, it has been revealed that, in some cases, pelvic mesh implants are completely unfit for purpose. The problems that can be induced by mesh implants can include:

  • mesh erosion;
  • organ perforation;
  • cutting/bleeding;
  • infections to the internal wounds;
  • damage to function of the bowel and/or bladder, sometimes causing a relapse of incontinence;
  • relapse of prolapsing.

Not only can these complications cause the victims a great deal of pain, there are often severe practical implications to the medical problems. For example, if the mesh perforates (cuts into) organs, there can be severe mobility problems for the victim, as more strenuous movement could cause further pain or injury. As a result, some women may no longer be able to work, exercise, or perform basic physical tasks. Sexual function may also be inhibited.

Pelvic mesh claims for complications

However severe the impact on their lives, victims of mesh complications may be able to make pelvic mesh claims. Such claims can be brought if there is a case of medical negligence at play. For instance, your doctor may have failed to properly advise you about the risks of pelvic mesh implants, making you unable to give informed consent.

There may also have been negligence after the complications arose. For example, your doctor may have dismissed your complaints of pain, therefore delaying treatment or completely failing to treat your condition. The unwillingness of doctors to link your pain to mesh implants can obstruct possible reparative treatment or could cause even more distress to the patient, and this kind of event has happened to people before.

Your compensation claim

In pelvic mesh claims, the compensation value can cover the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused, as well as any financial costs that have resulted from your complications. For example, if you were to require private treatment, pain medication or mobility aids, all these expenses could be covered. Also, if you are no longer able to work, lost earnings could be recovered for the months or even years to come.

We want to make sure that your compensation claim covers all the suffering caused by your pelvic mesh implant, so we can consider all the options before bringing your claim. Nothing can reverse the pain and distress you have endured, but a compensation claim can help you to feel that justice has been done.

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