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We implicitly trust that our doctors have our best interests at heart, but in some cases the standard of care can drop, and this can have a negative impact on our health. In the worst cases, the malpractice of health professionals could cause significant injury or harm to a patient, drastically affecting their well-being and way of life.

Medical malpractice can come in many forms, and it takes the expertise of specialist lawyers to clearly establish where the blame lies in these complex cases. We know how harmful the consequences can be for those affected by negligence, which is why we aim to make sure that victims are fairly compensated for the harm caused to them.

Anyone who has been affected by the poor treatment of a medical professional can contact us for advice on their potential claim.

Notable cases of malpractice

In the worst cases of malpractice, it can be revealed that the negligent actions of a doctor have been going unnoticed for several years, such that their harmful treatment may have affected hundreds of patients. One of the most high-profile malpractice cases is that of breast surgeon Ian Paterson, who worked at several Midlands hospitals over the course of his years of practice. He was found to be performing unnecessary and harmful mastectomies and treatments on a number of women. Many have been left mentally and physically scarred by his treatment, with some at risk of their cancer returning. We can represent victims for claims on a No Win, No Fee basis where eligible.

In another example, investigations are underway regarding the practices of Daniel Hay, a gynaecologist who formerly worked at Royal Derby Hospital. It has been reportedly confirmed that eight women were “unnecessarily harmed” by Hay, but the investigation is understood to affect a total of 382 women.

What can victims claim for?

For a doctor’s errors to constitute malpractice, we usually have to prove that there was a breach of duty, meaning that the doctor/medical professional failed to uphold standards of care. We also need to show that there was medical causation, meaning that the actions caused the patient to be injured or experience a decline in their health.

Some of the common types of medical negligence can include:

  • surgical mistakes;
  • failure to warn patients of risks;
  • failure to diagnose or issuing an incorrect diagnosis;
  • failure to treat or issuing incorrect treatment;
  • pressure sores/ bed sores.

The cases can be more complex than just one simple factor, but these examples can give you an idea of the types of reasons for which you could claim. Moreover, you are not just claiming for the injury or condition, as you may also be able to recover compensation for any financial losses or expenses that have been caused as a result, for example by lost earnings due to time taken off work.

Make your medical malpractice claim

Anyone who has suffered due to the negligent actions of a medical professional may be able to make a compensation claim. Such claims can be highly complex and often require a lot of close analysis and investigation, which is why you need an expert team on your side.

Over the course of our years of bringing medical negligence claims, we have brought justice to many victims, so you can trust that we have the experience to win you the compensation you deserve.

Simply call us today or register for a call-back to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim.

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