NHS cancer scans delayed over pensions problems

missed diagnosis

It’s reported that there are delays with NHS cancer scans being read that has stemmed from an ongoing pensions tax row that has led to some NHS staff limiting the amount of overtime they do.

In some cases, cancer scans are being left for weeks before being dealt with, which can leave patients vulnerable to cancer spreading and the development of compilations. One example reportedly saw turnaround times jump from one week to one month, and some patients have turned up to appointments for readings to be given when scans haven’t been dealt with at all, leading to wasted appointments.

At the centre of this ongoing dispute is the patients who are vulnerable to suffering more when turnaround times are impacted. For a matter as serious and as left threatening as cancer, something needs to be done.

Why are NHS cancer scans being delayed?

It’s thought that, in some cases, NHS cancer scans are suffering from delays as a result of an ongoing row over a pensions tax that has been imposed on some NHS staff.

It’s been reported that NHS staff could end up actually paying to work by doing more overtime as a result of how the pensions tax calculates additional money to be paid. The result has been a reduction in the amount of overtime that personnel like surgeons and anaesthetists are undertaking, and this in turn has led to staff shortages.

Some consultants are understandably avoiding extra shifts to avoid bigger tax bills that could amount to as much as £80,000.00.

The impact of the reduced overtime

The issue over staff reducing their overtime has reportedly affected a number of services the NHS provides, and these are said to include:

  • Turnarounds for NHS cancer scans;
  • The availability of weekend surgery and weekend appointments due to a lack of available staff;
  • Cancelling of some routine appointments and treatments.

Tragically, it’s understood that there have been some cases of cancer being missed that may be linked to the pension tax issue.

What can you do about delays for NHS cancer scans?

Delays for NHS cancer scans can lead to severe and potentially permanent complications for patients. If you ever suffer as a result of negligence due to a delay that should never have happened, you can be entitled to make a claim for medical negligence compensation.

Of course, we’d much rather see the issues resolved so that patients are not suffering delays due to the heavily criticised pensions tax bill issue. For the victims, we must put their needs first and ensure they can access the justice that they deserve when things go wrong.

We can assist patients claiming on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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