Advice for Serious Medical Negligence Claims

"Our Serious Injury Claims Team pursue serious medical negligence claims, like Cauda Equina Syndrome cases; brain damage claims; loss of limb claims; and nerve damage claims."

We represent victims of medical negligence claims ranging from the very minor injuries to those who will suffer for the rest of their lives. That’s why we are the right lawyers to represent you if you have been the victim of a serious medical negligence incident.

We offer a No Win, No Fee Guarantee

Many law firms have upfront charges or costs to pay if the claim does not win. We have specifically tailored our agreement to make sure you feel safe when making your claim.

We like things to be simple so I’ll explain it to you in the simplest terms I can: subject to the reasonable terms and conditions, we are more than happy to write off the legal fees we incur if we cannot win the case.

We do this because we only ever accept a claim on a no win, no fee basis where we are confident that we have a good enough chance of winning the claim. This should also serve to give you the reassurance that we will always fight tooth and nail for the best possible outcome for you. After all, the recovery of our fees can depend on it!

Home Visits

It can sometimes be important that we meet you to take as much information about the circumstances of what has happened to you, as well as to provide you with a proper insight in to how the claim works; what we will do for you; and what you can expect to happen.

Even the most simple of medical negligence cases can be complex, so serious cases often require a considerable amount of work to be done on our part for you.

Interim Payments

We will look to pursue your opponent for an early admission of liability to allow us to negotiate an interim payment for you, which is a part payment that can be awarded before the claim has settled. This serves to support you financially during what may be a very difficult time indeed. The other side will not always agree to this though, but we can try our best to obtain one if your needs require it.

Private Medical Treatment

In serious injury cases it can be imperative that prompt rehabilitation is sought. We can seek to agree funding for rehabilitation with the opponent as soon as possible.

We work closely with specialist rehabilitation companies who can, where applicable, appoint a designated Case Manager to your case. Where applicable, the Case Manager can then conduct an assessment at your home and prepare a report setting out your rehabilitation needs. All aspects of rehabilitation can be considered by the Case Manager, from aids and adaptations to assist you around the home, to the need for a taxi account for you to attend medical appointments.

Decades of Serious Medical Negligence Legal Experience

We as a firm offer you expert Medical Negligence Lawyers with a wealth of experience in representing victims for serious medical negligence cases. Our Serious Injury Claims Teams have been fighting for the rights of victims for decades, and we have obtained settlements worth millions of pounds for our clients.

Serious Medical Negligence Claims is a very niche and specialist area of law. It takes much, much more than the average high street solicitor or generic personal injury lawyer to make sure you have the access to the highest quality legal services.

We are a real law firm – it is our firm that represents you for the case. We are not a referral agency of a middleman.

You have access to a network of specialist barristers and legal experts whom we have built relationships with over years of fighting for our clients. If you are serious about getting the best help possible, contact us today.

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