Conspiracies and closing ranks in the Gosport Hospital deaths scandal

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A former health minster spoke out recently over conspiracies and closing ranks in the tragic Gosport Hospital deaths scandal.

Former health minister Normal Lamb spoke about the “systematic failures” and NHS “closing ranks” over the tragedy, as well as a “conspiracy to cover this up”. He suggested that both the NHS and Whitehall had refused to face up to the reality of the tragedy which has led to potentially hundreds of premature deaths.

The evidence in the investigations has found what appear to be clear opportunities to have avoided potentially hundreds of deaths. How were these opportunities missed?

The tragedy of the Gosport Hospital deaths

The tragedy of the Gosport Hospital deaths scandal will remain in many minds for a number of years. Potentially hundreds of elderly patients may have died prematurely as a result of the actions of Dr Jane Barton; the medical professional at the centre of the scandal.

Dr Barton was found guilty of serious professional misconduct in 2010 by the General Medical Council. She had prescribed what were seen as hazardous levels of diamorphine to patients, which investigations found had “almost certainly shortened the lives of some patients”.

Now, the focus is on whether more deaths could have been avoided, and what is being accepted about the incidents now.

Why were alarm bells not taken seriously over Gosport Hospital deaths?

There are arguments to say that the alarm bells were ringing over the Gosport Hospital deaths for several years. Evidence considered in the more recent reports and investigations has cited potential opportunities that could’ve saved hundreds of lives.

One incidence was the evidence that was reportedly handed over to the police in 2001. A testimony from a nurse highlighted the unusual and unheard-of practices Dr Barton was using. On top of that, why weren’t the senior figures in the NHS looking into the huge number of deaths under Dr Barton’s care?

Closed ranks and conspiracies in the Gosport Hospital deaths tragedy

In hindsight, the discussions have focused on the alleged conspiracies to cover events up, and the NHS closing ranks and burying their heads.

It’s horrible – and really worrying – to think that practices of this nature would take place. We’re sure more evidence would be welcomed as to the events that took place and how these deaths were not avoided in the first place.

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