Gosport Hospital scandal: an avoidable tragedy

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The Gosport Hospital scandal was avoidable given the information that has come to light as part of the Gosport Independent Panel reports.

Nurses as far back as 1988 – 30 years ago – reportedly raised the alarm over drugs being prescribed to patients. The powerful diamorphine that was given to patients by Dr Jane Barton has said to have contributed toward a number of deaths.

Despite warnings being raised by staff with managers and unions, there was a failure to act. The report by the Panel concluded that Dr Barton was responsible for some 656 deaths between the 1980’s and 2001.

Ignored warnings could have stopped Gosport Hospital scandal

It appears that these ignored warnings could have prevented the Gosport Hospital scandal. The warning bells were reportedly ringing not long after Dr Barton started working at the hospital. Despite this, nothing was done, and in one period alone deaths reportedly doubled at the hospital.

The drugs used on patients (diamorphine) were said to have been used without medical justification.

It’s understood that strong concerns were raised, but staff were met with a “wall of inaction”.

Gosport Hospital scandal legal advice

Legal advice is available for the families of victims of the Gosport Hospital scandal. A number of years of hard campaigning has helped bring the scandal to light, and the Panel findings that warnings were ignored is truly awful. The Gosport Hospital scandal ultimately could have been preventable. At the very least, the extent of the deaths could have been reduced.

Some 30 years on, there’s nothing that can be done for the victims who tragically lost their lives. This should never have happened in the first place, and this scandal must serve as a warning that it can never happen again.

In terms of legal options for the Gosport Hospital scandal, families are welcome to contact the team should they choose to do so.

We may be able to help with legal action.

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