Compensation for hip replacement surgery gone wrong

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If you need to claim compensation for hip replacement surgery that has gone wrong, we can help you as expert medical negligence solicitors.

Even when cases feel like they ought to be straightforward, many medical negligence claims can be difficult to pursue. Succeeding with a case can often come down to the evidence available and the opinions of the independent experts that we instruct. Medicine and surgery is not always an exact science.

But, when it comes to matters a serious as hip replacement surgery, instructing the right law firm can be the difference between winning your case, or receiving nothing at all.

Can you claim compensation for hip replacement surgery?

You can be entitled to make a claim for compensation for hip replacement surgery that has gone wrong. Although most operations can be fraught with inherent risks and dangers, if you have suffered due to medical negligence, you could be entitled to damages.

What we need to look at is how you have suffered, and whether a mistake has been made. Scenarios where you may have a claim can include:

  • Surgical mistakes, such as setting the bones or metalwork in the incorrect places or positions (e.g. using the wrong sized heads, or setting the joint at the incorrect degrees);
  • Avoidable damage to the surrounding tissue and bone;
  • Not being warned about the extent and severity of the risks involved with the procedure;
  • Negligent aftercare or advice for treatment and rehabilitation that leads to complications arising;
  • Failure to offer and pursue more suitable alternatives if they were available.

There can be other scenarios of course. It’s all about whether an error has been made, or whether something has happened that shouldn’t have happened.

How do you win a case?

Succeeding with a claim for compensation for hip replacement surgery gone wrong can come down to a number of key things:

  • The medical records that can be used as evidence;
  • Your own testimony about what happened;
  • The opinion of an independent expert we instruct for you;
  • The quality of your lawyers!

The last one can be important. As a law firm, when it comes to personal injury claims, we focus on, and specialise in, serious and complex matters. Some standard law firms who don’t specialise in more serious claims – of which medical negligence cases are often in the serious category – may not be set up to be able to give you the best chance of succeeding with the claim.

They may also be unable to ensure you can get the best pay-out possible.

It’s important to speak to a firm and find out more about their history and expertise in order to be able to make an informed decision.

How much can you claim in compensation for hip replacement cases

When it comes to valuations and pay-outs in compensation claims for hip replacement surgery, it can depend on a number of things, such as:

  • The extent and severity of any pain, suffering and loss of amenity you have suffered with;
  • Any losses and expenses, like lost earnings from time off work;
  • The quality of your medical evidence;
  • How good your lawyers are!

Again, that last point can be quite key. Generally speaking, the more you suffer, the more you could claim; but you need the right legal expertise on your side in order to maximise your potential pay-out.

For free, no-obligation advice about a potential claim for compensation, please don’t hesitate to contact our team for help and advice.

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