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Tavistock gender clinic – medical negligence advice

patient observations

The Tavistock gender clinic has been in the news over the last few years in relation to court cases and a recent interim report from Dr Hilary Cass assessing the quality of the care that had been provided.

There are fears that there are cases where minors have been provided with drugs and treatment for early transitioning where alternative considerations should have been involved. There are real worries that there could be people now who have realised that mistakes had been made when they were a minor as a patient at the Tavistock gender clinic, and who may now be impacted long term as result of the treatment they received.

This is a very sensitive issue that we as lawyers who specialise in medical negligence need to be available for to help people with. This is why we are able to provide free, no-obligation legal advice on a confidential basis to anyone who feels they need to speak to us.

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Claiming compensation for treatment delays

medical negligence claim process

You could be eligible to claim medical negligence compensation for treatment delays where you have suffered pain and loss as a result of negligence.

While sometimes treatment is delayed for valid reasons, if any delays arise that were reasonably avoidable, that is where you may be eligible to claim for any problems suffered. For eligible clients, we are able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

You can speak to our team here now for free, no-obligation advice. We are happy to help.

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Importance of mental health

anti-depressants prescriptions for children

The importance of mental health simply cannot be ignored, and it should be appreciated given that people can suffer significantly when things are not going well.

As Specialist Medical Negligence Lawyers, we represent a lot of people for serious and catastrophic injury cases, so we know all too well how badly people can suffer. We also represent thousands of people claiming for distress and psychological injury matters too, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

As lawyers, we are here to help when we can.

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Medical negligence compensation for infertility


When infertility prevents an individual’s or a couple’s ability to have children, the effects can be life-changing. To have the chance to start a family taken away from you is highly distressing under any circumstances, but it can be even more troubling when infertility has been provoked by medical negligence and could have been avoidable. Anyone who has been affected by this traumatic form of clinical negligence may be able to claim compensation for infertility problems.

Infertility can arise under many different circumstances, as the medical negligence may have arisen in the treatment of a condition that was completely unrelated to fertility. Our expertise in the area of clinical negligence allows us to closely examine all the complicated medical details to ensure you receive the best possible resolution to your legal case.

We are here to help you as best as we can.

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Fighting for the best medical negligence pay-outs possible

Lawyers assess the case as lawsuit begins

Amounts when it comes to medical negligence pay-outs usually depend on the medical evidence and the witness evidence available to us. These key factual details can allow us to measure the impact of medical negligence on a patient in a rigorous and reliable manner.

Of course, qualified observation and information can help to ensure that the professional medical opinion of an expert being relied upon is as comprehensive and reliable as it can be; as can the quality of your lawyers, which is where we come in.

We have a wealth experience in carefully pursuing medical negligence claims and solidifying them with the security of medical evidence. If you believe that you have a medical negligence claim to make, read on to find out about how you could claim, and speak to the team now for advice if you want to here.

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Concerns over anti-depressants prescriptions for children

anti-depressants prescriptions for children

It has recently been revealed that the NHS has issued 1,572 anti-depressants prescriptions for children under the age of 5.

This statistic seems concerningly high for children of such a young age, and further research into the effects of anti-depressants on children has shown there could be little benefit, if any, of using the drugs.

The rising number of anti-depressants prescriptions for children could be a cause for concern, as they are usually only be prescribed under close supervision. It could mean there are less children who have access to specialist mental health services. The increased number of anti-depressant prescriptions for children could be a direct result of longer waiting times for these services.

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Mental health negligence claims


As well as needing to talk about our mental health, we also need to make sure that we talk about, and address, mental health negligence claims.

Mental health has never been more prevalent than it this day and age. It’s not the misunderstood and sometimes even taboo topic that it used to be. With World Mental Health Day passing last week, we wanted to briefly talk about the issues surrounding diagnosis and treatment, and how they tie in with claims for compensation.

In the same way that a lack of treatment or a lack of a diagnosis for a physical ailment can leave patients suffering more, and suffering worse, the same can be said about our mental health as well.

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