Importance of mental health

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The importance of mental health simply cannot be ignored, and it should be appreciated given that people can suffer significantly when things are not going well.

As Specialist Medical Negligence Lawyers, we represent a lot of people for serious and catastrophic injury cases, so we know all too well how badly people can suffer. We also represent thousands of people claiming for distress and psychological injury matters too, and we can offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

As lawyers, we are here to help when we can.

The importance of mental health

In the simplest of terms possible, the significant importance of mental health can never be understated. It is a good thing that we are much more aware of such matters in today’s times, and that there is a need to look after our mental health as much as there is our physical health.

If we sustain a physical injury, we can be hurt and feel the pain. If we sustain a mental injury, we can also suffer pain and trauma.

We represent a lot of clients these days where we are claiming compensation for what can be labelled as an injury to feelings. These can be for things like distress caused by an event or a breach of duty, and mental injuries can also go hand-in-hand with severe physical injuries as well. A lot of the clients that we represent for serious medical negligence claims for compensation suffer mental harm, and those who are left with permanent and serious injuries can suffer from the changes forced on their lives. I can tell you from personal experience that the mental impact of a permanent injury that leads to a disability can be significant.

In a recent news story about the importance of mental health care in the NHS, Sky News reported that there are ongoing investigations into the deaths of 1,500 people who were under the care of Essex NHS mental health services. Some involve suicides where they passed away whilst under their care, and others are reported to have died within a few months of being discharged.

Bereaved families are said to be providing evidence and testimonies as part of the ongoing investigations over the nature of the care that had been provided. A period of two decades is being looked into.

Compensation for mental health matters

The harm caused to our mental health can either be the basis for a case for compensation or it can form as part of it. Touching again on the matters above about the impact on those who suffer from a serious injury, the mental injury sustained can be recognised and can form as part of a compensation package. The guidelines that we use for the valuation legal cases for medical negligence compensation does address this.

There can also be stand-alone claims for compensation where medical negligence or some form of medical breach has resulted in a mental injury. Whether this is caused by inadequate care and treatment, or distress claims that arise from data breaches which we also help people with, there can be an avenue to justice.

Free, no-obligation advice

We understand the importance of mental health, which is why we can tailor our legal services to not just provide the advice and representation that people need, but to also be there for our clients. You are not just another case to us, and we strive to do all we can to help. When it comes to injury matters, a great deal of the work that we do is actually focused on serious injuries, and we have a dedicated team providing specialist help for these matters.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team here now for free, no-obligation advice.

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