Month: March 2022

Claiming medical negligence for eye injuries

eye claims

You could be eligible to claim compensation by way of a legal case for medical negligence for eye injuries if you have suffered any damage to this vital sensory organ.

Eye injuries can be some of the most severe that we represent people for given the impact that an eye injury can have on the victim. Sight loss can completely change the life of an injured person, even if it is loss in one eye or even partial loss of vision in one or both eyes. It will have an impact, from going about your everyday lives to how you are able to operate at work. This is why it is important to access specialist legal help for an injury of this nature, and we can offer just that.

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Endocarditis misdiagnosis – compensation claims

compensation for a diagnosis error

There are some diseases or health conditions that require a quick diagnosis to bring the issue under control and give the patient their best chance of recovery. Endocarditis can be one such illness, as it can be fatal in the worst circumstances, particularly if left untreated. As such, an endocarditis misdiagnosis can be one of the most damaging forms of medical negligence that we may encounter in this specialist area of law.

Whilst endocarditis can be a rare condition, this does not excuse doctors and healthcare professionals from being able to identify its signs. It is vital that necessary precautions are taken when a patient seems to be exhibiting the symptoms of this condition, as a failure to act could have serious implications for the patient.

We all put our faith it the expertise of our doctors but, unfortunately, medical care does not always meet the standards we have come to expect on some occasions. However difficult the circumstances, doctors have an obligation to treat their patients to the best of their ability. Where they fail to do so, they may be in breach of their professional duties. If you have been affected by an incident like this, you may be able to pursue a medical negligence claim for personal injury compensation now.

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