Month: March 2021

Fighting for the best medical negligence pay-outs possible

Lawyers assess the case as lawsuit begins

Amounts when it comes to medical negligence pay-outs usually depend on the medical evidence and the witness evidence available to us. These key factual details can allow us to measure the impact of medical negligence on a patient in a rigorous and reliable manner.

Of course, qualified observation and information can help to ensure that the professional medical opinion of an expert being relied upon is as comprehensive and reliable as it can be; as can the quality of your lawyers, which is where we come in.

We have a wealth experience in carefully pursuing medical negligence claims and solidifying them with the security of medical evidence. If you believe that you have a medical negligence claim to make, read on to find out about how you could claim, and speak to the team now for advice if you want to here.

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Patients of breast surgeon Ian Paterson yet to be alerted to potential mistreatment


A guilty verdict and an independent review have not been enough to bring about justice for the patients of breast surgeon Ian Paterson. A recent report has revealed that hundreds of patients who came into contact with Paterson have yet to be contacted with regard to their potential mistreatment, which is a matter that must be quickly addressed.

With so many patients potentially still in limbo, it is unclear just how many victims may have fallen prey to Paterson’s malpractice. His behaviour involved harmful and often unnecessary procedures, leaving patients wounded and distressed in the aftermath.

Having worked as a breast surgeon for 14 years, there could (in theory) be many, many more patients who may be able to make a compensation claim. Where medical negligence can be proven, victims could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. We always encourage anyone who believes that they may have been affected by negligence to come forward for free, no-obligation advice.

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Essure compensation claims


Thousands of women are coming forward to make Essure compensation claims after suffering severe complications after having the Essure implant fitted.

Many women who have had Essure implants fitted have had to undergo further complex surgeries and treatments to remove the device. This has caused further pain, suffering and loss that could have otherwise been avoided.

An estimated 100,000 women in the UK are understood to have had the Essure implant fitted. This means that thousands of women could have suffered serious and intense complications as a result of a possible medical negligence incident. We are here to help you fight to get the justice you deserve by taking forward Essure compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis for eligible clients.

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