Patients of breast surgeon Ian Paterson yet to be alerted to potential mistreatment


A guilty verdict and an independent review have not been enough to bring about justice for the patients of breast surgeon Ian Paterson. A recent report has revealed that hundreds of patients who came into contact with Paterson have yet to be contacted with regard to their potential mistreatment, which is a matter that must be quickly addressed.

With so many patients potentially still in limbo, it is unclear just how many victims may have fallen prey to Paterson’s malpractice. His behaviour involved harmful and often unnecessary procedures, leaving patients wounded and distressed in the aftermath.

Having worked as a breast surgeon for 14 years, there could (in theory) be many, many more patients who may be able to make a compensation claim. Where medical negligence can be proven, victims could be entitled to thousands of pounds in compensation. We always encourage anyone who believes that they may have been affected by negligence to come forward for free, no-obligation advice.

Breast surgeon Ian Paterson’s mistreatment

Suspicions surrounding breast surgeon Ian Paterson’s potential mistreatment of patients arose as early as 2003. They were not addressed fully until 2017, when a criminal trial found him guilty of wounding with intent, with 17 counts included in his sentence.

Paterson is understood to have subjected patients to unnecessary procedures and tests, including unregulated mastectomies that left breast tissue behind. These “cleavage-saving” methods were not approved by private or NHS hospitals in the UK, but Paterson got away with these procedures for many years. Victims have been left maimed, mentally scarred, and potentially at risk of future problems as a result of his behaviour.

The implications of Paterson’s malpractice

The emergence of breast surgeon Ian Paterson’s malpractice raised questions about how such mistreatment was allowed to occur in plain sight. Campaigners called for an independent review, and this recommended that the government take action to better ensure the safety of patients moving forward.

Clearly, much more must be done as it has been reported that hundreds of patients have yet to be alerted to potential mistreatment. Spire Healthcare has insisted that they are dedicated to helping all of Paterson’s patients, and those affected can call a dedicated helpline for support. Meanwhile, the patient safety minister has stated that the government will act upon the inquiry in the future.

Starting a claim for compensation

With the government and the hospitals involved being slow to act, we urge those who think that they may have been mistreated by breast surgeon Ian Paterson to seek clarity as to whether they have been harmed. With confirmation from a medical professional that you have been harmed, we can then determine whether you have been affected by medical negligence. If we believe that you have, we can start your claim for compensation and we may be able to represent you for a legal case on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Medical negligence is often an incredibly complex area of law, but our expert lawyers have the experience and know-how to fight for justice for the victims of Ian Paterson.

Contact us today to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim.

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