Month: August 2019

Delayed diagnosis compensation

It’s important to make a claim for delayed diagnosis compensation if you have suffered complications or suffered for longer due to delays.

And with recent studies suggesting that it’s getting even harder to access quick GP appointments due to funding constraints, we’re concerned that more victims of a delayed diagnosis may need help.

When a delay that’s caused by a slow diagnosis or an incorrect diagnosis occurs, you can be eligible to make a claim for medical negligence compensation.

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Short appointment times a cause for concern

regulations and recalls

The limits that mean most patients must undergo short appointment times of less than 10 minutes are understood to be putting patients at risk and worrying doctors.

As lawyers who specialise in medical negligence, the risks are obvious to us, and they’re obvious to doctors as well. It can be easy for things to be missed when GPs are under pressure to wrap up their time with patients too early, meaning they don’t have the proper chance to ensure for a correct diagnosis and course of treatment.

If you, as a patient, end up suffering as a result of short appointment times, what can you do about it?

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NHS cancer scans delayed over pensions problems

missed diagnosis

It’s reported that there are delays with NHS cancer scans being read that has stemmed from an ongoing pensions tax row that has led to some NHS staff limiting the amount of overtime they do.

In some cases, cancer scans are being left for weeks before being dealt with, which can leave patients vulnerable to cancer spreading and the development of compilations. One example reportedly saw turnaround times jump from one week to one month, and some patients have turned up to appointments for readings to be given when scans haven’t been dealt with at all, leading to wasted appointments.

At the centre of this ongoing dispute is the patients who are vulnerable to suffering more when turnaround times are impacted. For a matter as serious and as left threatening as cancer, something needs to be done.

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Cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims

breast cancer compensation

As worrying and as sensitive as the topic may be, we simply have to talk about cancer misdiagnosis compensation claims because they do happen.

It’s an important subject to cover because for patients who have suffered a misdiagnosis that’s related to cancer, the impact can be devastating. In some cases, the impact can be permanent, and in some cases, it can be fatal.

If you have been misdiagnosed when you had cancer, or if you were symptoms we misdiagnosed as cancer and you’ve had unnecessary treatment, its important to know your rights.

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