Month: October 2018

Recall in relation to valsartan cancer risk

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There’s been a recall during the summer over valsartan cancer risks that have been identified. A recall has been triggered by regulators.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has been involved in the recall process. The recall has been triggered over impurities originating from the manufacturing process in China. The impurities are understood to be linked to cancer.

Patients using heart medications that contain valsartan are being asked to speak to their doctor or pharmacist ASAP.

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Delayed cancer diagnosis compensation on the rise


Delayed cancer diagnosis compensation claims could be set to increase. Recent figures have shown some of the worst referral rates on records, leaving patients at risk.

As a result of the continual NHS funding crisis, staff shortages for cancer care is apparently commonplace. Very few departments can reportedly boast that they have enough staff to properly help people, and the problem is only going to get worse.

Adding on external factors that increase the demand for cancer care, there’s every reason why patients should be worried.

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HPV vaccine reduces cervical cancer

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It’s understood that the HPV vaccine reduces cervical cancer, with a decrease of 86% seen in women aged between 16 to 21.

The recent government reports states that vaccinations to defend against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) 16 and 18 infections is working. These infections are known to cause the majority of cervical cancer cases.

The information published over the summer in the Journal of Infectious Diseases is welcome news. The data suggest that the HPV vaccination programme will lead to significant reductions in cervical cancer cases arising in the future.

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Plastic surgeon compensation

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You may be entitled to make a plastic surgeon compensation claim if the work you have had has not turned out to be as expected.

Plastic surgeon compensation cases can be difficult. This is why it’s vital that you instruct specialist medical negligence lawyers like us. Cosmetic procedures carry inherent risks, especially the more invasive procedures that many people are undergoing nowadays.

If you have suffered complications or you have ended up with an unexpected outcome, what are your rights?

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Gosport Hospital scandal: an avoidable tragedy

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The Gosport Hospital scandal was avoidable given the information that has come to light as part of the Gosport Independent Panel reports.

Nurses as far back as 1988 – 30 years ago – reportedly raised the alarm over drugs being prescribed to patients. The powerful diamorphine that was given to patients by Dr Jane Barton has said to have contributed toward a number of deaths.

Despite warnings being raised by staff with managers and unions, there was a failure to act. The report by the Panel concluded that Dr Barton was responsible for some 656 deaths between the 1980’s and 2001.

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