Month: September 2018

Is cancer patient care leading to increased suicide risk?


Issues over the quality of cancer patient care is a real issue right now. But is there a link to increased risks of suicide that’s caused by inadequate care?

A recent government study found that cancer patients can be at an increased risk of suicide. The increased risk may be as high as 20%.

It sounds feasible to link cancer patients to an increased risk of suicide given what they have to go through. But when we’re seeing more and more issues arising over inadequate cancer patient care and funding constraints, is there a link?

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Cosmetic surgery compensation advice

If you need cosmetic surgery compensation advice, we can help you. This falls within the remit of our specialism for negligence cases we represent people for.

With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, a lack of regulation here in the UK means that people can be at risk. Some cosmetic procedures are incredibly invasive, and if they’re not carried out by someone with the right skills, people can suffer.

If you have suffered when something has gone wrong, you can speak to our lawyers for help and advice now. If we think we can help you, we can represent you for a cosmetic surgery compensation claim.

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NHS patients denied hip and knee replacements

surgery negligence

NHS patients are increasingly being denied hip and knee replacements as a result of funding issues, leaving people at risk of complications and mobility problems.

According to a British Medical Journal study, patients are being denied hip and knee replacements more and more, with refusals increasing by 45% when compared to the previous year.

These restrictions on procedures are a damning reflection of the continuing NHS funding problems that are only going to leave patients more vulnerable to complications and prolonged mobility problems, which in turn could see a rise in cases of negligence.

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Shropshire baby deaths review widened

patient observations

Last year’s investigation into the tragic Shropshire baby deaths is to be widened as the number of cases has increased from 23 to over 40.

The investigation that was launched last year into the quality of care at a Shrewsbury and Telford NHS Trust maternity unit has been looking into a lack of staff and a lack of a learning couture to prevent incidents, with a number of the Shropshire baby deaths cases being linked to negligence.

Infant deaths, maternal deaths and brain injuries are among the problems that have been linked to poor quality of care within the Trust.

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