Cosmetic surgery compensation advice

If you need cosmetic surgery compensation advice, we can help you. This falls within the remit of our specialism for negligence cases we represent people for.

With the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery, a lack of regulation here in the UK means that people can be at risk. Some cosmetic procedures are incredibly invasive, and if they’re not carried out by someone with the right skills, people can suffer.

If you have suffered when something has gone wrong, you can speak to our lawyers for help and advice now. If we think we can help you, we can represent you for a cosmetic surgery compensation claim.

Cosmetic surgery compensation in the UK

We can help you claim for cosmetic surgery compensation here in the UK. It’s important to address where you had the procedure, as many people go abroad for treatment as well.

If your surgery took place in the UK, we should be able to help you if something has gone wrong. It’s important to note that practically all procedures carry risks with them, so we need to know what you were advised.

If something has gone wrong and the cause is directly a result of a mistake, we can help. If the cause is a lack of advice about the potential risks, we need to assess the evidence first. If the risks were not properly advised to you, you may be able to claim for cosmetic surgery compensation.

Cosmetic surgery compensation abroad

Claiming for cosmetic surgery compensation when you had your procedure abroad can be more difficult. If you paid a UK company directly and part of the service was to send you abroad, you may have a claim against the UK provider.

However, different countries have different rules and safety regulations. Just because you used a UK company doesn’t mean you can still bring a cause of action as easily.

Always contact us for help

Whatever the circumstances, it is always worth contracting our team for help and advice about making a cosmetic surgery compensation claim.

You can also read more about whether you have a claim on our advice page here.

You can call the team on 0800 634 75 75 today or complete an enquiry form below.

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