Month: August 2018

Mesh implant problems prompts NHS ban

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We are very pleased to see that the NHS has finally put a ban on mesh operations as a result of continuing mesh implant problems.

Mesh implant problems have been known for a long time now, and the complications that patients can suffer from are often permanent and incredibly severe. There have been a number of investigations leading to the MHRA previously suggesting that the benefits outweighed the risks of the procedure, before the introduction of guidelines introduced by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). Now, there is a total pause on the procedures altogether in most cases.

We welcome the news as we have been advising people who have suffered mesh implant problems for years.

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GP prescription problems could lead to deaths


Worsening NHS budget issues resulting in GP prescription problems could lead to deaths for those who rely on medication to survive.

There appears to be increasing numbers of stories about patients who are being denied the prescription drugs they need to stay well or even keep alive as a result of budget constraints, or cases where patients are having to wait longer or visit their surgery more frequently as numbers of drugs issued are reduced.

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Is out-of-date medical equipment costing lives?


Concerns have been raised that out-of-date medical equipment may be costing lives as the issue of funding in the NHS continues to plague the UK.

According to data gleaned from a recent Freedom of Information request, it’s thought that there are potentially hundreds of x-ray machines being used past their use-by date, as well as hundreds of ultrasound machines that need replacing, and dozens of MRI machines and CT scanners still being used as well.

There are concerns that the vital equipment that’s needed to diagnosis and treat potentially life-threatening conditions is going to cost lives because of aging machinery.

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Tribunal rules baby decapitated due to doctor error

pelvic mesh inquiry

A tribunal has ruled that a baby decapitated during childbirth was due to the doctor’s actions when a natural birth was chosen over an emergency caesarean section.

The senior gynaecologist in question, Dr Vaishnavy Laxman, reportedly attempted to carry out a natural birth despite the patient’s dilation not being sufficient. At the time of the incident, the patient was under general anaesthetic as Dr Laxman proceeded with the attempt at the natural birth.

As part of an ongoing tribunal, the panel chairman has reportedly found that the attempt to delivery the baby naturally was the cause of the incident.

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