GP prescription problems could lead to deaths


Worsening NHS budget issues resulting in GP prescription problems could lead to deaths for those who rely on medication to survive.

There appears to be increasing numbers of stories about patients who are being denied the prescription drugs they need to stay well or even keep alive as a result of budget constraints, or cases where patients are having to wait longer or visit their surgery more frequently as numbers of drugs issued are reduced.

GP prescription problems a vicious cycle

We could be facing somewhat of a vicious cycle in terms of GP prescription problems that stem from NHS funding cuts. If patients end up sick and in hospital because they’re having problems getting the drugs they need to stay well, the costs to the NHS for emergency care may well increase.

A recent story of a lady who was struggling to get anti-sickness medication from her GP has led to her setting up a GoFundMe page for medication. She was reportedly told by her surgery that the reason for the problems was because of budget constraints as she found it increasingly difficult to get hold of the medication she needed to stay alive and stay out of hospital.

People simply cannot afford to go private, and nor should they have to when the reason for having an NHS is to allow a public health service to provide much-needed medication.

Complaints over GP prescription problems

There appears to be increasing complaints to surgeries over the growing number of GP prescription problems that stem from funding constraints. People should not have to unduly wait, let alone complain to get the help that they need.

Not only is this distressing for the patients, but it doesn’t help the surgeries either in having to deal with complaints that could be prevented if funding was not an issue.

GP prescription problems may lead to increased cases of medical negligence

Unfortunately, GP prescription problems may lead to increased cases of medical negligence, which no one wants to say.

We all need, and hope for, a well-funded NHS that serves the people as it should. We know NHS staff are working hard and we know that this is a central government funding problem, but it’s simply not sustainable.

As we often find ourselves saying: the government needs to step up and ensure the NHS is properly funded before cases of negligence rise due to falling standards of care.

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