Urgent measures required at Basildon University Hospital maternity unit

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Basildon University Hospital maternity ward has been investigated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) after an anonymous whistleblower raised concerns over patient safety.

The maternity unit, once rated as ‘outstanding’, was rated ‘inadequate’, and urgent measures have been required to get their standard of care back to a safe level.

The number of staff has been deemed unsafe and a deadline was issued by the CQC for Basildon University Hospital maternity unit to rectify and improve the levels of care patients have been receiving.

Poor care at the Basildon University Hospital maternity unit

Concerns were reportedly raised about the poor care at Basildon University Hospital maternity unit after the death of a baby in 2018 and a woman who tragically bled out within hours of giving birth. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) investigated the situation and found that there were a further 5 cases that needed to be put down to poor quality care.

Further to this, Lauren Beattie, whose son tragically died shortly after he was born, has been critical of the level of support she received during her pregnancy. She told BBC News that:

Nearly every day I was having doctors come in encouraging me that I needed to terminate the pregnancy, even though there was nothing wrong with him.’

According to the BBC report, the CQC is understood to have found the following:

  • Only four shifts throughout the month of August had safe staffing levels;
  • The CQC was told 20 midwives had been recruited, yet subsequent documents submitted by the trust did not support this;
  • Required safety meetings during shift handovers did not take place;
  • Incidents affecting patient safety were inappropriately categorised, including one in which a woman who lost more than a litre of blood was graded “no harm”;
  • Babies were transferred to intensive care, yet graded as “low” or “no harm”
  • Inconsistent guidance to staff on identifying the risk of post-partum haemorrhage.

Source: BBC.

Urgent deadline issued to maternity unit

According to a letter seen by BBC News, the CQC informed the Mid and South Essex NHS Trust who run the hospital that they had until 9th November to ‘implement appropriate measures’. One issue the CQC highlighted for immediate resolution was the unsafe staffing levels. The Trust has since responded to confirm that they have a, ‘robust improvement plan in place’, and have put nine midwives and two consultants in place immediately.

It is reported that CQC Chief Inspector of hospitals, Ted Baker, said: ‘We have issued a warning notice requiring the trust to make urgent improvements to ensure mothers and babies are safe.’

Claim with the Medical Negligence Lawyers

If you or someone you know has been affected in any way by care that has been received at the Basildon University Hospital maternity unit, it may be possible to make a medical negligence claim with us.

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