Pelvic Mesh Compensation Claims

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We, the Medical Negligence Lawyers, specialise in medical negligence claims, and this includes pelvic mesh compensation claims.

This is about a specific type of surgical mesh that is used to treat Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), of which the use of the mesh has resulted in multiple concerns raised about its long-term effectiveness in the UK and, indeed, around the world

If you have had pelvic mesh surgery to treat problems like pelvic organ prolapse, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim with us. The Medical Negligence Lawyers are experts in the complex field of medical law and have years of experience helping victims claim millions of pounds in damages for these kinds of issues. We have helped victims who have suffered from the use transvaginal mesh or transvaginal tape as well as for a range of other medical product cases.

Making pelvic mesh compensation claims

We can help people affected by pelvic mesh complications by pursuing pelvic mesh compensation claims. If you were not fully informed of the risks associated with pelvic mesh surgery and/or were not been given adequate information about all of the available options, you could be eligible to make a claim.

There can be many risks involved with the use of pelvic mesh which is why, in some cases, it has been banned. At the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital NHS Trust, they previously banned the use of pelvic mesh as a treatment but one individual, Dr Angamuthu Arunkalaivanan, continued to use it. The hospital then had to issue a recall for patients with mesh devices implanted after the ban. This was a serious breach of conduct and victims affected by this may be eligible to make pelvic mesh compensation claims, and this is an action we represent people for.

Risks involved with pelvic mesh surgery

Using pelvic mesh to treat things like pelvic organ prolapse has been widely scrutinised for many years, and there can be many risks associated with the surgery. Patients should always be fully informed of the risks before consenting, and should know exactly what it is that could happen.

Here are some of the common the risks involved with the use of pelvic mesh:

  • Bleeding;
  • Infections;
  • Incontinence;
  • Loss of sexual function;
  • Pain during intercourse;
  • Erosion, protrusion, or altered shape of the device that may require further surgery;
  • Recurrent prolapsing;
  • Pain;
  • Mobility problems;
  • Scaring;
  • Organ injuries,

If you had not been fully informed about the extent of the potential risks involved with this surgery, you could be eligible to make a compensation claim. Some of these risks can cause lifelong problems, leaving victims immobile and in need of extra care and assistance for the rest of their lives. We are here to make sure that victims are put back in the position financially that they were in before the surgery in a successful case, and future costs relating to complications from the surgery could also be covered.

Do you have a claim?

It is important for you to get help if you have suffered complications as a result of pelvic mesh surgery. We are here to help make your pelvic mesh compensation claims easier and as simple as possible.

Our expert legal team can offer you free, no-obligation advice about any post-surgery complications and whether you are eligible to make a compensation claim. We believe no one should suffer as a result of medical negligence and are here to make sure you do not suffer further.

For eligible clients, we are also able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

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