Next generation of personalised cancer treatment on the horizon

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It’s understood that the next generation of personalised cancer treatment is on the horizon after recent study results showed increased survival rates for incurable cancers.

Scientists and medical professionals have been using personalised methods to target genes for hard-to-treat tumours, and the results are said to have worked wonders.

Personalised cancer treatment is already a method used by the NHS for cancer patients, but Oncologists are now calling for cancer patients to receive this “next generation” of sequencing so they can identify the drug best suited to their individual needs as soon as possible.

Personalised cancer treatment can save lives

Personalised cancer treatment has been saving lives, or in the case of the study subjects whose cancers are particularly advanced, the new and developed form of the treatment has been extending lives for longer than expected and increasing overall survival rates.

The personalised cancer treatment has been having a positive impact on the survival rates for incurable cancers, and although the work is only in its early stages, there are high hopes over its use for saving lives in the future for cancers that are spotted earlier.

The spread of participants in the study were deemed to be relatively small but the results, in the context of indication, appear to be very positive indeed.

Early intervention + personalised cancer treatment = cancer beaten?

Early intervention plus personalised cancer treatment could mean that we’re closer than ever to finally beating cancer.

We recently wrote about the new blood tests that can spot the early signs of cancer, so imagine this combined with personalised cancer treatment. Could we finally be on the verge of further progress in improving survival rates of the deadly disease?

We can only hope.

What about cuts to cancer care funding?

Although we have the positives of these new and advanced methods, we cannot forget that we have also had to highlight the issues of cuts to cancer care funding which has plagued the NHS as a result of a lack of funds and a lack of specialist professionals available to treat patients.

We cannot have better personalised cancer treatment without appropriate levels of funding and resources. It’s clear that these personal methods can work wonders, so the government must ensure there is adequate investment available.

Cancer Research is also reportedly looking into the personalised methods for cancer care. Fingers crossed!

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