The Medical Negligence Lawyers call for increased funding for cancer care and treatment

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Amidst the need for victims of medical negligence to claim for cancer misdiagnosis, or a lack of diagnosis, the Medical Negligence Lawyers call for increased funding for cancer care and treatment.

The preventative approach must always prevail, and the more that can be done to save lives and spot cancer early, and avoid any incidents of a misdiagnosis or cancer being diagnosed too late, must be at the forefront of the NHS’s mind.

Once cancer is missed and is later diagnosed, for many, the damage is done, and it’s too late to do anything about it. It’s important that more is done to safeguard and secure better funding in an age where funding issues are resulting in a lack of specialised staff available to care for cancer patients.

Earlier this year, scientists announced that they had been developing a simple blood test called Cancerseek that could spot eight common types of cancer. Although the blood test remains in its infancy, and scientists have cautioned that is still a long way off from being a useful medical tool, it’s an encouraging development.

Amidst a lack of funding and resources that have seen cuts to cancer care – an issue the Medical Negligence Lawyers have branded an “open door to negligence” –  we need more, not less, to ensure that enough is done to protect patients and to ensure that early and correct diagnoses are made.

We know the NHS remains embroiled in somewhat of a funding crisis that we can only rely on the government to change, but a cycle of increasing claims caused by a lack of funding that can lead to higher incidents of negligence must not be allowed to happen. When a victim of medical negligence comes forward having been misdiagnoses or diagnosed too late when it comes to cancer, their life is literally at stake; as is, in many cases, the welfare of their immediate family.

We call for immediate action and increased funding to protect cancer care and ensure patients have access to early and correct diagnoses.

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