Medical negligence claims for infant brain injuries

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Claiming medical negligence compensation for infant brain injuries requires the particular expertise and specialty of a law firm used to helping people in such situations.

As specialist medical negligence lawyers who specifically focus on, and specialise in, catastrophic injury claims, we are here to help you. We can offer a tailored service and provide No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients.

You can speak to our expert team for free, no-obligation legal advice on a confidential basis here now.

When can you claim for infant brain injuries?

You could be entitled to bring a claim for medical negligence compensation on behalf of someone for infant brain injuries if they have suffered such problems due to any form of negligence.

In a lot of cases, such negligence occurs during birth, and it can come down to mistakes that have been made during delivery, or matters not being dealt with if an infant is born and may be suffering from problems. In many cases, it can come down to a lack of oxygen that can starve the brain and lead to serious infant brain injuries that can have a long-lasting impact on the patient. These cases can be quite complex, and medical negligence law itself can be quite complicated so, really, the best thing we can say is speak to our team for free legal advice about your situation. We can then try to identify if there has been negligence involved and, if there has, that is when a medical negligence claim for compensation could be pursued.

The personal, specialist legal touch from expert lawyers

Claiming compensation for infant brain injuries requires much more than a standard personal injury law firm. You need specialist medical negligence solicitors with a significant wealth of experience in representing people in catastrophic injury cases. You need an experienced team fighting for the rights of the injured party, and we will be an important part of the support network during what is always going to be a difficult time.

When it comes to personal injury medical negligence matters, we particularly focus on, and specialise in, serious and catastrophic injury cases. This means that our teams have the experience that people need for such claims to be pursued properly with us, where we provide a tailored, personal service to ensure we can do the very best that we can for our clients. We know that this is required, and we know that most people would rather not have to be in the position to pursue a case through no fault of their own but, when negligence occurs, we are here to help.

Here to talk to you now

Our expert team can provide free, no-obligation legal advice to confirm if your potential claim for medical negligence compensation is one that we can take forward. All our advice is available and completely confidential, and you can speak to us here now to have an in-depth discussion about what has happened and whether we can help you.

If we can help, we should be able to take your case forward on a No Win, No Fee basis so you can at least have the peace of mind knowing that, if the claim does not succeed, we can write off our legal fees, subject to the terms and conditions in place.

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