Key info about making a transvaginal mesh claim


We wanted to put out some key information for those thinking about making a transvaginal mesh claim for compensation where action has yet to be launched.

We know that the thought of legal proceedings can be scary. The thought of having to instruct a law firm can be worrying.

Can you claim? Will you win? Is it really No Win, No Fee?

To put your mind at ease, this article is designed to cover some key information about what you need to do and what you need to know. It’s important to consider your options sooner rather than later because of the multiple deadlines that can occur in cases like this.

Are you entitled to make a transvaginal mesh claim for compensation?

We’ll firstly take a look at whether you’re eligible to make a transvaginal mesh claim for compensation.

Our basic criteria is as follows:

  • You’ve had vaginal mesh tape / sling fitted;
  • You’re suffering problems despite having the surgery to correct your original problems;
  • You’re a resident of England or Wales.

We also need to know the following (so prepare to be ready to answer these key questions):

  • When did you have the surgery?
  • Have you had any revision surgery? If so, when?
  • When did you first start having problems after your initial surgery?
  • If you’ve received a diagnosis that something is wrong, when was this?

We need to get the dates for those questions absolutely right. They can tell us if you’re still in time to make a transvaginal mesh claim. It may be that you have run out of time, but we need to know more about your circumstances for us to consider this.

That’s why we always recommend that you start your case as soon as you possibly can.

Will you win your transvaginal mesh claim, and what happens if you lose?

Without fully assessing your case, we can’t inform you if your transvaginal mesh claim for compensation will be successful.

These kinds of cases can be difficult to pursue, but it’s worth pursing because the problems victims can suffer from can be lifelong and severe. In cases where the victim is never going to recover, and will have to ensure life-altering complications, access to justice is important.

And that’s why we can offer No Win, No Fee arrangements for victims who make their transvaginal mesh claim for compensation with us. And the No Win, No Fee does do exactly what it says. We can offer it because we’re huger believers in access to justice, and if the case passes our risk assessment, we can take it forward.

IMPORTANT: advice on this page is intended to be up-to-date for the 'first published date'.

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