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Claims for Medical Negligence Compensation

Since Ian Paterson was first in the media over reports of mistreatment of patients, many have been contacted by the hospitals who employed him. Now, as part of an expanded patient recall by Spire Healthcare, as many as 5,500 patients have been told they may have been affected by potentially harmful practices. If they have, they could be eligible to engage in the latest Ian Paterson compensation claims process.

In 2017, it was reported that former breast surgeon Ian Paterson received a 20-year sentence following convictions that included 17 counts of wounding with intent, and three counts of unlawful wounding. In this criminal case, only some of the victims were accounted for, but it has since emerged that many more may have been affected by potential malpractice. Over the course of his practice, Paterson reportedly misdiagnosed breast cancer, performed breast surgery on patients who didn’t need it, and performed dangerous ‘cleavage-sparing’ mastectomies on breast cancer patients.

The new expansion of compensation claims is a vital step in allowing as many victims as possible to access the justice they deserve. As specialists in medical negligence, we offered our advice to victims of Ian Paterson when his mistreatment was first exposed. If you were affected, we may now be able to help you to ensure that any suffering is compensated for.

How did Ian Paterson harm so many patients?

Ian Paterson spent many years practising as a breast surgeon in both private and public hospitals. In fact, despite multiple complaints and concerns originating as early as 2003, Paterson was not suspended until 2011.

Prior to this, there had been multiple reports on, and investigations into, allegations surrounding Paterson’s treatment of patients, but none of these led to sanctions for the surgeon. This in itself is a serious cause for concern in terms of safeguarding and protecting patients.

When Paterson was sentenced in 2017, the independent review of his patients had not been completed. Since then, a further 5,500 patients have reportedly been contacted to notify them that they may also have been mistreated. All these patients may be eligible to engage in the widened Ian Paterson compensation claims process if they have suffered due to negligence.

Ian Paterson compensation claims process for the victims

Those who were subjected to harmful procedures by Ian Paterson may have been caused harm not only by him, but by the hospitals that may have failed to stop him. Those affected could be eligible to engage in the updated Ian Paterson compensation claims process to seek justice for any suffering that may have been caused.

In medical negligence claims, we usually evaluate any harm caused to patients by a doctor’s breach of duty, whether this comes in the form of pain, injury, distress, or financial loss (or a combination of those factors). We will always make sure to pursue every aspect of case to maximise any compensation pay-out.

Make your claim

As a new wave of Ian Paterson compensation claims begins, we are here to support anyone affected through this difficult time. It may be impossible to reverse any harm you have been caused, but we can hold those responsible to account.

Our specialism in medical negligence claims enables us to provide bespoke representation to each client we help, assisting you through the claim step by step to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. If you are thinking about making a claim, do not hesitate to contact us for free, no-obligation advice, as you may be eligible for No Win, No Fee representation.

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