Hernia mesh compensation claims

hernia mesh compensation claims

We can represent patients for hernia mesh compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis for those who are eligible to launch a legal case with us.

We already act for a number of others who have suffered severe problems and complications from hernia mesh surgery. If this has happened to you, know that you’re not alone. You also have a voice and a right to make a claim for compensation where negligence has occurred.

We may be able to help you. Read on for some more advice.

Can you claim?

We can take hernia mesh compensation claims forward where we believe that there’s a reasonable chance of being able to recover damages for you.

Circumstances where you may have a case can include:

  • Negligent surgery or mistakes during surgery or during the aftercare process;
  • A lack of advice and/or consent in relation to the specific and serious risks that can be associated with hernia mesh surgery;
  • Where better alternatives that didn’t involve mesh were more appropriate but were not offered or advised about.

The potential for complications and problems can be quite high according to some statistics. This kind of invasive surgery should only be used where it’s appropriate and where the patient is fully informed. This includes alternatives and the potential for risks occurring. Where this isn’t the case, you could be entitled to make a claim.

No Win, No Fee hernia mesh compensation claims

We do offer No Win, No Fee representation for eligible hernia mesh compensation claims. If we consider that there’s a good enough chance of being able to recover compensation, we may be able to offer this kind of arrangement.

What we usually look at are two key elements:

  • Negligence: that there has been some form of negligence that has occurred; and
  • That the negligence has resulted in some form of suffering or problems for you.

According to the laws for England and Wales, you can normally claim when there has been some kind of adverse effect on you. You pursue compensation for things such as the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused. You may also be able to seek damages for losses and expenses, such as lost earnings from time off work. We can also look at private treatment costs, medical expenses, travel costs and other incidental losses.

Where we can tie those two key elements together, that’s when we may be able to succeed with a case. To prove the case, we will usually rely on specialist medical evidence from an independent expert that can identify the negligence and comment on the suffering and losses endured.

Free, no-obligation advice

We are pleased to be able to offer free and no-obligation advice for people interested in pursuing hernia mesh compensation claims with us.

If we can assist you, we can normally advise right away if we can also offer you a No Win, No Fee arrangement.

To speak to the team, just complete a call back form on the contact page here. We’re normally open until 10pm on most weeknights and 9am to 5pm on most weekends to be as accessible as we can for people.

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