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hernia mesh claims

In recent years, there have been a number of worrying reports about the problems that can be caused by hernia mesh implants, which have been revealed to have a significant complication rate in some cases. While the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) still supports the use of the implants, those affected may still be entitled to claim for hernia mesh complications where they arise.

We believe that the lack of awareness surrounding the potential complications caused by hernia mesh is unacceptable in modern medical practice. Whether the blame lies with medical manufacturers, product regulators, or medical practitioners, the damage done to patients can sometimes be irreversible. We believe that they deserve to be compensated for the undue pain and injury that they have suffered.

Possible risks of hernia mesh implants

Hernia mesh is one of the most common forms of hernia surgery, designed to permanently repair hernias, yet some surgeons claim that between 12-30% of implants can provoke complications. The worrying reports of prolonged pain and suffering have caused a great degree of controversy surrounding the use of mesh implants, and this is something that we are closely monitoring.

Some of the possible side-effects include:

  • pain;
  • mobility issues;
  • adhesion (inflamed scar tissue);
  • organ perforation (mesh cutting through to other organs);
  • bowel obstruction (mesh sticks to intestines and affects their function);
  • hernia recurrence.

With the potential for such debilitating complications, it might appear strange that so many patients have been given the treatment. This could be down to there being an issue in terms of hernia mesh risks being explained. Many patients have reported that they were unaware of the risks involved in hernia mesh implants when they agreed to have the surgery. As a result of potentially poor advice, many affected patients may be able to claim for hernia mesh complications.

Can I claim for hernia mesh complications?

There are several different factors that could affect your potential eligibility to claim for hernia mesh complications. Any of the complications listed above could entitle you to claim compensation, but there are sometimes other circumstances we need to consider, and we need to assess if there is a case of negligence to answer.

For example, as highlighted above, patients may have been poorly advised about the potential risks of hernia mesh implants, or kept in the dark completely about them. This could mean that they may have been unable to give proper and informed consent. If you were unaware of the risks, this may constitute medical negligence, as consent is one of the key requirements of this kind of course of medical treatment.

Moreover, it may be possible to use your medical records and a medico-legal report from a specialist to prove that the mesh surgery itself caused you unnecessary injury. It could be the case that the surgical technique of your doctor was unnecessarily harsh or uncontrolled, meaning that you may have been injured even before the surgery was over.

We can also take into account the long-term impact you have suffered from mesh complications. For example, you may have suffered a loss of income due to being unable to work, or you may have incurred expenses due to additional private medical treatment. These can be claimable as part of a legal case.

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