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You can find out if you’re eligible for breast cancer screening compensation today by contacting our team. We offer No Win, No Fee representation.

You may recall the horrifying discovery of the breast cancer screening “cover-up” from last May. We’ve launched legal action over this particular issue, although we can help you claim as well if you have been the victim of an incident involving breast screening.

The breast cancer screening compensation action is just one of the legal actions we’re helping people claim for right now. You may be able to claim as well.

Claiming breast cancer screening compensation

You may be able to claim breast cancer screening compensation if you were a victim of the scandal that hit the news last year.

Women aged between 68 and 71 who were supposed to receive their invitation for screening didn’t get their letter. An investigation revealed that an IT glitch some ten years ago was responsible for a batch of letters not going out.

Some women have gone on to develop breast cancer, and the blame could be placed firmly on the IT glitch in some cases. That’s why we’ve offered to help women who were caught up in this scandal.

We’re already pursuing legal action, so if you want to sign-up and instruct our expert lawyers as well, please contact the team today.

Other breast cancer screening compensation claims

Last year’s scandal aside, we may be able to help you claim breast cancer screening compensation if you were affected by a similar issue as well.

The best thing to do is to speak to our team and let us guide you as to whether we can offer a No Win, No Fee agreement. All of our initial advice is free and on a no-obligation basis, so it’s worth contacting us as soon as you can.

Please be aware that there can be complex time limits to claim in medical negligence compensation claims. For that reason, we recommend that you speak to our team as a matter of urgency.

We may be able to help you if:

  • You didn’t receive your invitation for breast cancer screening;
  • An issue with the testing meant that you were not given the correct results;
  • You were not given the result (in-time, or at all).

Our lawyers are already engaged in legal action for breast cancer screening compensation. You can contact the team for help seven days a week, including on weekday evenings, by calling 0800 634 75 75.

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