Being sent home from hospital – claim for negligence

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Though some hospital admissions can arise from minor health problems, patients are often admitted to hospital when their health is in severe decline, or in cases where emergency care is required. As a result, it is highly important that doctors and nurses carefully track their patients’ recovery and rehabilitation to ensure that they are definitely ready to be sent home from hospital. As this falls within the realms of their professional duties, you could be eligible to claim compensation for being sent home from hospital at the wrong moment if your health was adversely affected.

If patients are unable to cope after being sent home from hospital, it can cause severe damage to their health, or it may even mean that they are unable to recover properly, or at all. Cases of negligent hospital discharge can be particularly serious if the patient lives alone, as they may be left vulnerable and isolated if no one is there to help them in an emergency.

Healthcare is all about risk management, and if doctors fail to do this correctly, they may be liable for medical negligence. By making a medical negligence claim, you could be eligible to recover compensation for any harm caused.

Examples of being sent home from hospital prematurely or incorrectly

When considering hospital discharge, doctors have to weigh up a number of factors to ensure that they can make the right decision. This can include considering the progress you have made on your current course of treatment, or your ability to take care of yourself should you be sent home from hospital. They may need to take blood for testing, ensure you have medication and equipment when back at home, or complete some other form of assessment before signing off on your discharge.

If any of the appropriate steps are missed out, this could result in a premature or misjudged discharge. Being sent home from hospital too soon could prolong your recovery period, put you in danger of relapse, or even put your life in immediate danger.

Compensation claims for discharge from hospital

The decision to send you home from hospital may constitute medical negligence in cases where an incorrect diagnosis, a failure to diagnose, or incorrect treatment caused your health to worsen. If we judge that any of these factors are at play, you may have a compensation claim to make.

Claimants could be awarded General Damages to cover the pain, suffering and loss of amenity caused by any form of negligent discharge from hospital. In addition, Special Damages may also be applicable in cases of being sent home from hospital, as there may be financial losses or expenses arising from your discharge. For example, if your recovery was slowed down and you were forced to take more time off work, you may be able to recover compensation for this loss of earnings.

Start your compensation claim

Medical negligence claims usually involve a number of complex factors, which is why it is vital that you have an expert team of lawyers on your side. We have the experience to bring your claim to fruition, as our knowledge allows us to carefully consider all the circumstances and issues in a case to ensure the compensation amount is as high as possible.

To find out more about making a claim, contact us today for free, no-obligation advice.

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