Scientists say anti-depressants work, and more people should be offered them

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A recent study published by Lancet says that anti-depressants work, and its believed more than a million extra people should be offered them.

Results from the studies found that all common anti-depressants were more effective than the placebos offered.

There is, however, a reported reluctance to prescribe them, and many people feel that taking pills for low mood problems are a last resort. Will the new studies serve to allay doctors’ concerns about over-prescribing medication?

We are in somewhat of a difficult situation. The NHS is in the midst of a funding crisis, and there are calls for doctors to prescribe less medication over fears that drugs are being used for more problems than they are needed for.

An over-reliance on drugs can do more harm than good.

But in the case of anti-depressants, the new study indicates there is “compelling evidence” over the effectiveness of anti-depressants, with some feeling that they are being under-prescribed. If we are in a situation where more people need to be on anti-depressants, there may be good ground made on reducing lives lost and patient harm from people in need of them.

All healthcare professionals have the same duty to ensure that the patients they treat and advise are provided with the correct course of action. The results of the study may now alleviate concerns over the effectiveness of antidepressants which may boost confidence in doctors to prescribe them more.

Professor Carmine Pariante from the Royal College of Psychiatrists reportedly said:

“This meta-analysis finally puts to bed the controversy on anti-depressants, clearly showing that these drugs do work in lifting mood and helping most people with depression.”

We can only hope that vulnerable people in need of mental health care can access the medication and treatment they need quickly and effectively to avoid conditions worsening and patients being left at risk of harm.

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