Month: June 2021

Medical negligence experts

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While we pride ourselves on the amazing public medical service provided to us by the NHS, unfortunately, the high standard of care is not a given. Some medical treatments and procedures can sometimes go wrong. When you suffer as a result of flawed medical treatment, you may require medical negligence experts should you wish to make a compensation claim.

Medical negligence is an extremely multi-faceted and complex area of law, because of the variety of claims that can be brought, and the many different factors that can affect a claim. Whilst we have the expertise and experience needed to tackle this complexity, we also want to demystify medical negligence claims for our clients. As such, we explain every step of the claim in simple terms to ensure that they feel reassured and supported throughout the process. Read on to find out more about how we apply our medical negligence expertise.

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Cancer treatment delayed

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When cancer treatment is delayed, the consequences for patients can be extremely severe, whether they involve prolonged pain or further spreading of the disease. As such, in cases where medical practitioners have caused unwarranted delays to treatment and the patient’s health has consequently been negatively affected, there may be sufficient reason to make a medical negligence claim.

If you have suffered from worsened health due to delays to your cancer treatment, you should not have to face these complications without consequences for those who may have neglected to progress your treatment. Cancer treatment cannot be pushed to one side without repercussions, as the consequences for the patients can be severe.

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