Month: April 2021

Inquiry into NHS maternity racism allegations

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We are concerned to note that an inquiry has recently opened up to investigate NHS maternity racism allegations, after data published in January raised concerns about the racial disparity of medical outcomes for pregnant women.

The study by MBRRACE-UK reportedly found that black women can be “four-times more likely” to die in childbirth or pregnancy than white women. Reports also indicated that women from Asian backgrounds could be twice as likely to be involved in a fatal outcome.

There are also broader concerns about the poorer medical treatment that pregnant women from ethnic minorities may be receiving from NHS professionals. The inquiry is set to look at how systemic racism manifests itself in maternity care.

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Private hospitals and medical negligence claims

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The majority of high-profile medical negligence claims are often brought against doctors and healthcare professionals working at NHS hospitals. This is because most people use the public healthcare system that we have here, but sometimes people do use private methods.

Although they may be smaller in scale, medical negligence cases can be brought against practitioners at private hospitals, and these cases can be equally valid. Some people choose to pay for private treatment to avoid lengthy NHS waiting times, or because they believe the standard of care may be higher. Some pay for elective treatment that is not offered on the NHS. Unfortunately, medical mistakes may be just as likely to happen.

In fact, many doctors keep up private work alongside NHS work. As such, there could be (in some cases) little difference between the practitioners you encounter at public and private hospitals.

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