Month: September 2020

Breast cancer compensation claims advice

breast cancer compensation

A breast cancer compensation claim is a serious matter. We can represent eligible clients for cases on a No Win, No Fee basis, and we are here to help.

We appreciate that this is a tough experience to go through, but the law is on your side. If you have suffered any injury or loss as a result of negligence arising from any diagnosis or treatment related to cancer, you could be entitled to claim compensation.

A legal case for compensation can allow for some form of justice to be received for what a patient has to go through. Here is how we can help.

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How long does a medical negligence claim take?

medical negligence claim take

A lot of people ask us: how long will a medical negligence claim take? We appreciate that people want an insight into when they could see a resolution, but there are a lot of factors to consider.

These types of cases can be notoriously difficult to win, and we often have a fight on our hands as well. This is simply down to the fact that a lot can go wrong with medical treatment and procedures, and it doesn’t always mean that there has been a mistake or some form of negligence. You can only usually succeed with a legal case for compensation when suffering arises from negligence, so we need to prove this as part of a case.

These factors mean that a medical negligence case can take longer than many other types of personal injury compensation claims. Here is some insight into what you could expect.

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