Month: July 2019

Loss of eyesight compensation through medical negligence

eye claims

A loss of eyesight compensation claim is often a high value case that’s dealt with by our specialist catastrophic injury team here at the Medical Negligence Lawyers.

Compensation pay-outs can be significant, and they will usually need to cover not only the suffering and inconvenience of losing your eyesight, but also for losses and expenses. If you can no longer work due to the loss of vision, the lost earnings claim can be substantial.

Here’s a little advice about when you may be eligible to make a claim for medical negligence compensation for losing your vision, and what to do.

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Medical negligence claims for children

Child Claims

Medical negligence claims for children is never a nice thing to think about, but when a child has suffered due to an error, action for justice can be important.

It’s possible to bring a claim for medical negligence compensation for a child. Generally speaking, in England and Wales, persons under the age of 18 are unable to bring claims themselves. They can either wait until their 18th birthday to bring a claim, or someone can initiate a case on their behalf.

Realistically, it’s better to make a claim sooner rather than later, so the second option should be the one to go for. Here’s a little advice about how you can bring a claim on behalf of a child.

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Pelvic mesh removal problems legal advice


Pelvic mesh removal problems can be horrendous, and patients can be left with severe and lifelong complications when things go wrong.

Pelvic mesh is intended to be permanent. As such, it isn’t intended to be removed or altered at a later date, and that’s why mesh removal issues can be so problematic. When things do go wrong, and mesh removal is the only way to resolve the problems the patient is having, it can be impossible to achieve.

This leaves patients with damaged or migrated mesh still inside them, and even partially removed mesh in some cases. If this has happened to you, here’s what we can do for you.

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Hernia mesh dangers: what can you do?


When it comes to hernia mesh dangers, we know the problems all too well as a firm of lawyers who are representing people claiming for compensation.

With the risk of patients suffering complications being as high as 30% in some instances, and when some of the problems that people can be left with can be hard to treat, there’s a cause for concern.

Hernia mesh devices continue to be used, although there’s growing scrutiny over their use as a result of rising number of problems and complications. If you have suffered as a result of being fitted with hernia mesh, what can you do?

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Medical malpractice compensation claims: what to do

lawyers advice and help

If you want a quick guide about what to do when it comes to making a medical malpractice compensation claim, this article may help you.

There’s lots to consider, but we can give you some simple pointers that can help you to better understand the process and how things work in terms of the No Win, No Fee.

We do need to assess all medical negligence claims we take forward, so this article is for general guidance only. It may be helpful for you!

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