Month: April 2019

Warnings over hernia mesh lawsuit deadlines

Lawyers assess the case as lawsuit begins

We have to issue a warning when it comes to the deadlines you have to start your hernia mesh lawsuit. We don’t want you to leave it too late.

Right now, we’re acting for a number of victims who are making a No Win, No Fee hernia mesh compensation claim with us. We could be acting for more victims, but we’ve had to turn some mesh cases away. The reasons for turning these sorts of cases away can often be down to the deadlines people have to claim.

There can be more than one potential deadline in an action of this nature, and we can give you some general guidance. However, to properly determine the deadlines that apply to you, you must contact us ASAP.

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Get help from our hernia mesh lawyers

We strongly recommend that you seek help from our hernia mesh lawyers as soon as you can if you’re serious about making a claim for compensation.

We’re already acting for a number of individuals who have approached us for help to make their hernia mesh compensation claim. However, we have had to turn some clients away who wanted to make mesh claims with us as a result of deadlines to start a legal case.

Deadlines to initiate a case in these kinds of circumstances can be complicated. That’s why we always recommend that you speak to us as soon as you can to avoid missing out. We hate having to turn people away, but the law’s the law. If your deadline to claim has passed, there’s normally nothing we can do about it.

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Xarelto compensation settlements for 25,000 cases


Rivaroxaban / Xarelto compensation settlements have landed in the U.S.,  to the tune of $775m for around 25,000 cases being pursued.

The money is to be paid out by both Bayer AG and Johnson & Johnson as the co-creators of the drug. They strenuously deny any wrongdoing, and maintain that the drug is safe for use. However, the settlements have been agreed without any admission of liability.

The blood-thinning medication that’s used for stroke patients has been at the centre of concerns for quite some time. We’re representing patients who have suffered side-effects from using the drug as part of claims for personal injury compensation. Although the settlement is for the U.S. only, this is a positive step in the global fight for justice.

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Stryker recall over elbow implant problems

patient in hospital bed

A medical device alert was issued in February this year. It stemmed from the Stryker recall where some patients could suffer with elbow implant problems.

We’re no strangers to helping people claim personal injury compensation when a medical implant goes wrong. Our lawyers are engaged in dozens of group and multi-party actions, some of which include medical implants that have left patients suffering with complications. In some cases, the need for revision surgery is bad enough, but the additional complications that can arise can also be severe too.

If you’re suffering with elbow implant problems, you should seek urgent medical attention. The problems could be related to an issue like the Stryker recall. Either way, our lawyers may be able to help you make a claim.

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New vaginal mesh guidelines criticised

pelvic mesh inquiry

The new vaginal mesh guidelines that have been put in place following last year’s widespread pause in the NHS have come under heavy criticism already.

All we can say is that we know just how bad it can be for the women whose vaginal mesh procedures fail. We see the impact it has on people when lives can be turned upside down, with complications leaving some women unable to walk or work ever again. We act for women who have suffered horrendous problems, and some complications simply cannot be resolved.

The 2018 NHS pause was a step in the right direction, but the continued use of mesh slings and tapes remains a serious concern.

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