Month: November 2017

When failure and delays in providing treatment is a cause for medical negligence

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We all know that our National Health Service (NHS) is extremely busy. The mainstream media inform us about the constant shortages of nurses and hospital beds all the time. With so many patients and so little staff, sometimes it feels like the quality of care the NHS provides has significantly dropped. In their busy and long shifts, doctors and nurses are arguably susceptible to making mistakes more than we would like to think about.

Research states that around 15% of patients suffer a misdiagnosis or mistreatment because of mistakes. In the worst of these scenarios, people can be left suffering with serious problems.
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How does a medical negligence claim for compensation work?

Doctors and nurses in the medical profession are absolutely vital in society. They’re highly regarded and respected for their ability to help us with all sorts of ailments: from broken bones to the rarest of diseases.

We trust them to look after our bodies and minds. We put our faith in them that they will do their very best to help us. But, unfortunately, mistakes can happen; Doctors are human after all. When a medical professional has been negligent, it can be very stressful and cause the victim a lot of problems, which is why there is the need to make claims for medical negligence where applicable.
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Gallstone compensation claims

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Gallstones are small stones that form in the gallbladder. While gallstones can generally be harmless, and do not always need to be treated, they can become trapped in a duct inside the gallbladder which can lead to serious abdominal pain.

Gallstones can be a serious medical emergency and in the worst case scenario, if not dealt with, can be fatal. As such, it’s important that gallstones are identified and dealt with when the need arises for the sake of the patient’s health and well-being. A failure by medical professionals to deal with gallstones, or where routine surgery to resolve the problems goes wrong, is where a patient may have a gallstone medical negligence compensation claim.
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Authorities cracking down on unapproved stem cell “miracle” treatments

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Authorities have reportedly been conducting investigations and raiding health clinics that purport to offer “miracle treatments” using stem cells.

Since the discovery of stem cell techniques, doctors and researchers have been overjoyed to use such procedures for regenerative medicine, with stem cells often extracted from bone marrow, blood and fat. However, there are reportedly a small number of institutions who have taken the opportunity to allegedly exploit eager patients by offering “unproven and potentially dangerous treatments” involving stem cell techniques.
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