Month: October 2017

Pregnancy and childbirth injury compensation claims

patient observations

The birth of a new baby is often very exciting. However, while the arrival of a new baby is meant to bring joy and happiness, pregnancy and childbirth can be a very difficult time for all involved, and there are many complications that can arise.

During child birth, both the mother and the baby can suffer severe trauma which can be caused by medical negligence. If the pregnancy, child birth and the aftercare are not properly managed by medical staff, there may be detrimental consequences.
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Diabetes: diagnosis and treatment failures

diabetes failures

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that reportedly affects 3.5 million people in the U.K. alone.

Type one diabetes is where the body is unable to produce any insulin and so the cells are unable to use the blood sugar for energy which creates a build-up of sugar in your blood stream; and Type two diabetes is where either not enough insulin is produced or the insulin is not working properly so the cells can only get access to certain amounts of sugar, meaning that blood sugar levels can build-up.

When effectively managed, people are fine to live a relatively normal life when suffering with diabetes, but diagnosis and treatment is key. As such, any failures to treat or diagnosis the condition can be catastrophic.
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Attempts to tackle opioid crisis by limiting prescriptions


There are plans to reportedly limit the “number and strength” of opioid drugs for first-time users. The decision is based on an attempt to curb a reported “epidemic” where many are thought to be subject to over-prescription of opioids, resulting in reliance and dependency on the powerful drug.

Patients prescribed the drug for the first time are set to only be given a seven-day prescription as part of plans to tackle this growing problem.

Whilst the topic of overusing opioids is hot in America, it’s also being hugely debated here too. In the U.K., we’re also reportedly facing an epidemic of overusing prescription medications.
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Do you know what side effects your over-the-counter medication has?


Whilst medication purchased over-the-counter are generally accepted as safe for use, some regulators worldwide are noting that more and more hospital admissions and deaths are being linked to overuse or misuse of over-the-counter drugs.

These drugs are generally seen as safe when used for their intended purpose, but the issue is that they can sometimes “interact negatively” with other drugs, alcohol and any pre-existing conditions the user may have.

It’s also thought that some people are using over-the-counter medications for purposes that they’re not specifically intended for because they can produce some “benefits”. That being said, this can be fraught with dangers.
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One in ten men over 50 have a heart age of a decade older than their actual age

heart age

Public Health England has published a report with an alarming statistic that shows older men are aging faster than their years.

The Heart Age Test indicates that 10% of men aged 50 or over have a heart that is ten years older than they actually are, putting them at higher risks of heart attacks and strokes.

The study was conducted using 1.2 million test results, and 64% of males had an older heart age compared to women. A new government-led campaign is trying to raise awareness of heart health, and with statistics like 7,400 deaths by heart disease and stroke per month, it shouldn’t be too difficult to press the points.
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