Month: September 2017

Doctors are reportedly failing to properly inform patients of side effects for prescription drugs


We put our lives in the hands of doctors, and we expect to be provided with a health service designed to help and protect us.

As we know, however, this is not always the case.

Sometimes, prescription drugs are required to treat certain ailments, but are usually only recommended if the benefits outweigh the risks. Reportedly, there are alarming concerns surrounding doctors allegedly failing to warn patients about the potential side-effects of prescription drugs they are being given.
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Beautician pleads guilty for botched buttock surgeries

botched buttock surgery

Former self-professed beautician, Ana Bertha Diaz Hernandez, has pleaded guilty for performing “reckless” buttock injections on almost a dozen customers in an attempt to enhance their features, even though she was unlicensed.

Hernandez reportedly made around £31,000 for what she called “lamb’s fat” injections. She allegedly smuggled in the unapproved substance from Mexico to inject into her clients’ buttocks to make them bigger. The court heard how Fernandez was aware of “risk of death or serious bodily injury“, and she now faces up to three years in prison for her crimes.
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Over-prescribing medicine may be fuelling drug addiction

When we think of drug addiction, most of us think of illegal drugs. However, studies have found that over-prescribing painkillers is starting a potential epidemic of people getting addicted to prescription medications.

Apparently, some manufacturers and marketers may be allegedly going above and beyond to ensure health providers underestimate the strength and prevalence of prescribed drugs. Some suggest that hospitals and pharmacies are prescribing excessively strong doses of addictive medication like opioids, fuelling a public dependency and consequential addiction.
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The U.S. opioid “crisis” and how it may be coming to the U.K.


In 1995, U.S. regulators approved a new drug called OxyContin; a highly effective opioid manufactured by Purdue Pharma. The oxycodone hydrochloride controlled-release painkiller was hailed as a wonder drug for many aches and pains, and drug manufactures have made an absolute fortune selling this drug as part of a $400 billion-a-year industry.

However, the manufactures stand accused of serious wrongdoing that helped them cement their success, namely: deceptive advertising; and excessively aggressive marketing.

That’s what the law firms suing these giant drug companies allege is happening.
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